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    Sticky: Your name, or character name: Merethor (50...

    Your name, or character name: Merethor (50 Minstrel) and Meluidor (55 Warden); Dan in real life (they should make a movie called... oh, nevermind...)

    Age: 33

    Location: New Zealand (GMT+12). ...
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    Re: Lossoth Rep ... where to farm rep items?

    Doing the quests is probably the quickest way. I'm doing Forochel now on my Minstrel, and gaining rep fairly quickly. If you just want to farm, though, stick to the middle of the zone (near the 2nd...
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    Re: make it easier to join fellowships

    Finding groups for anything but the endgame instances in LotRO takes time and patience, but is worth it. Don't ask once, get no replies, then give up thinking everyone's ignoring you. Your best bet...
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    Re: Fornost and Urugarth Now Skirmishes?

    Fornost and Urugarth are still classic instances. You need to have the right quest packs to access them if you're a premium member though (so North Downs pack for Fornost, Angmar pack for Urugarth)....
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    Re: Suggestions to keep new players

    The thing is, the MoM box you can buy off Amazon is the pre-F2P box, with an RRP of $30, but now heavily discounted due to its age. The MoM pack in the TP Store is selling for around the RRP. So...
  6. Re: Why isn't the transition from Ered Luin to the Shire seamless?

    Eh? Glitchy?
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    Re: Skirmish vendors hate light wearers/ casters?

    Sorry, my post wasn't clear. I didn't mean to say that the Fem set was better (though it does read that way), more that the Angmar quest pack would be a better purchase. It's a more prudent...
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    Re: Skirmish vendors hate light wearers/ casters?

    Evendim gear sucks big time. I just took my minstrel through the 30-40 range, and hardly upgraded any gear at all for the whole bracket. Do a GA run, the quest rewards there (robe, teal weapon for...
  9. Re: Full Mirkwood Realm - future expansion thanks to the Hobbit?

    I do have a reason to make the assumption: the knowledge that everyone involved wants to make money. Sure, it's not hard fact, but it's not rocket science, either. Warners bought Turbine because of...
  10. Re: Full Mirkwood Realm - future expansion thanks to the Hobbit?

    Interview with Jeffrey Steefel at Eurogamer at the time of SoM's release:

    For those unable/unwilling to...
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    Re: Drunk Features taken a notch too far

    I say your drunken features don't go too far enough... hic!

    Wassa mean? 'smakes perfec sense...
  12. Re: Turn the Angmar battle instances into Skirmishes

    I'd imagine they could add a new Campaign Mark for the cosmetics, similar to how they did with the Rift skirmish.
  13. Turn the Angmar battle instances into Skirmishes

    How about revamping the Battle for Aughaire and Battle Before Rammas Deluon instances as skirmishes? They're either really hard or impossible to get a group for these days, and don't show up on the...
  14. Re: What's your favorite area of Middle-Earth? What area do you hate?

    My favourite area is Bree-Land. It manages to be wide open with lots of exploration possible (with areas like Starmere Lake and Northern Chetwood that have few, if any, associated quests, but lots...
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