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    Hi, Tasatir! I recently bought a 5k iMac with...

    Hi, Tasatir! I recently bought a 5k iMac with m395 graphics. The short answer is that LOTRO plays fine on the Mac.

    The long answer is that LOTRO will not run at retina resolutions, but will always...
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    I just traded in my old PC for a new iMac 5k with...

    I just traded in my old PC for a new iMac 5k with m395 graphics. Things started off well doing some Bingo Boffin quests in Lone Lands--I was running 1440p at Ultra without a hitch. Then I went Minas...
  3. Thanks, Frelorn! I'm glad to hear a fix for this...

    Thanks, Frelorn! I'm glad to hear a fix for this is in the works. I currently have a MacBook and a PC desktop, but the PC is soon getting replaced with an iMac. So if LOTRO won't run properly on the...
  4. Agreed, but the thing I don't want to be is...

    Agreed, but the thing I don't want to be is "plucky adventurer's shoving Aragorn aside and taking control of the Battle of the Hornburg like a total primadonna". It was really off-putting to me to...
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    Re: Riders of Rohan Pre Order Details

    Oh dear. While I'm very excited about the expansion itself, and think Rohan looks great, the various editions and pre-order bonuses are indeed quite lackluster. Usually, perusing the comparison...
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    Sticky: Re: Design a Unique Relic!

    Here's my entry, named in honor of our upcoming expansion. :)

    Gem of Many Colours
    + Will
    + Vitality
    + Fate
  7. Re: Was Enedwaith's scenery not designed by the same people who did the previous land

    I thoroughly enjoyed Enedwaith--story, mood, and landscape. I loved the ominous standing stones in Mournshaws, the secret interior of the tree-circle in Lich Bluffs, and the mournful sigh of the...
  8. Re: DX10/11 - Shadow and Ambient Occlusion problem

    I am getting the same issue. I see black horizontal and vertical lines over certain textures, especially light colored textures, when ambient occlusion is enabled.

    My system:
    Windows 7 64-bit...
  9. Re: Lord of the Rings Online Loading from SSD Drive

    An SSD is a luxury, but I'm sure glad I splurged the $130 on one (a Corsair). Load times are lightning quick, and best of all no more stuttering for 30 seconds as I enter a new zone. The game plays...
  10. Thread: 2nd agers

    by runespeaker

    Re: 2nd agers

    As people have mentioned, an easy way to get Symbols of Celebrimbor is to run the two 3-man instances School and Library at Tham Mirdan at Level 65. If you complete the challenge quest (automatically...
  11. Re: The first 48 hours: A returning vet's review.

    I really appreciate and support the sentiments of the original poster. I strongly believe the philosophy of the store should be to provide items that offer either lasting value or temporary (and...
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