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    Re: 23,000 Turbine Points

    Well, depends on what you compare it to.

    Nowadays, keeping a game live (servercosts) is so cheap it is a neglectable amount of money. Blizzard/Activision label WoW's expenses for serverupkeep...
  2. Re: The definitive Evernight Tower Of Orthanc progression thread

    I used to have server first, but then I took an arrow to the knee :(

    At any rate, its still fun to come back and see the same group of people having formed raiding kin #2734 again. I still...
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    Re: Improving forgotten skills

    About stun dust: Its not usable on creeps anyway, so even with that buff it would still be useless
  4. Re: New Burg Raid (Teal) Set Bonus: +5% stacked dmg bonus on evade?

    I'm not exactly sure what you want, but ifreborn1 is the guy to go to for movies.
  5. Re: Gibbets and crows: Rise of Isengard and the state of LotRO

    Green reply:
    This is what was said:

    I only emphasized (and paraphrased) the part about right now, while DarkCntry also added a possibility about having working on but having fell to the...
  6. Re: Gibbets and crows: Rise of Isengard and the state of LotRO

    You have worked in the MMO industry for over 15 years and you think that 'we currently have no plans for that' equals 'we are working on it right now'? Did you have a cleaning job in a dev office or...
  7. Re: To all my shelfed unicycle riding friends

    Ifreborn, I love you. You are the only reason to visit the forums. I enjoy it everytime to read a topic I honestly don't understand...at all :D
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    Re: Epic Vol 2 Bpilogues

    So, we are arguing for over a 100 posts for over half a year now, only because one guy wants a different label on 4 quests in his questlog we have grossly outleveled by now? Like, really? :D
  9. Re: The Definitive Draigoch Raid Progression Thread

    Gratz my fwiends!
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    Re: Shak-hai Overseer's in Isengard

    Cant login right now and havent really played much since RoI, but the cooldowns on TnG and KO are now seperate right?
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    Re: Pit of Iron, why so buggy?

    Really? Is "rushing" used nowadays for people who don't do repeatable quests every day just for the experience? Youve got to be joking.
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    Re: FYI they nurfed Counter D

    Can anyone explain that image?
  13. Re: Who Wins, Who Loses? Comparing Classes in RoI

    Dont believe dev diaries when it comes to FMs.

    A quote from one of the latest dev chats (which still makes it quite a few months old tho)
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    Re: New Signals!

    I bet a dev is singing 'trolololololo' somewhere out there.
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    Re: Gratz Kladorin

    Nice. How many hours did it take you?
  16. Re: The Lord of the Rings: War in the North

    Ill defo play this one. Coop gonna be brilliant. :)
  17. Re: Fellowship build... Would this work well?

    This made me laugh.

    It is my whole point that I just observed more skilled players in QK. My whole point was that it was a correlation, and THUS I dont know what/if the causes are for this...
  18. Re: Fellowship build... Would this work well?

    No. From what I have seen on my server, I dare to conclude there is a correlation between skill and traitline. I have never said there is a causation. Because saying it is a causation is ridiculous...
  19. Re: Fellowship build... Would this work well?

    You are mixing up two definitions of 'best traitline'.

    There are two parts of best. The best choice for you, and the best choice for the situation.

    I am strongly convinced that the best choice...
  20. Re: LOL @ people who said FA + suprise strike auto crit was OP

    Were pretty much first choice when it comes to singletarget DPS classes (mainly 6man/raids tho), so thats also why it was deemed OP.
  21. Re: Fellowship build... Would this work well?

    In case a burglar NEEDS to lock down a mob, it is really easy to switch to mischief before. So in reality, you can count as riddle having a 30sec cooldown. Secondly, the cases I know where a mobs...
  22. Re: Fellowship build... Would this work well?

    No, the point is to kill stuff for an hour. Its not that hard actually if you have a warden who doesnt mind running around for an hour. Even more so, the best way to stay alive is by killing the...
  23. Re: LOL @ people who said FA + suprise strike auto crit was OP


    Anyway, I rate the ability to control my CJ's much, much higher then a random chance. I think quite some people here will agree with me that CJ's are pretty much useless for damage. That...
  24. Re: LOL @ people who said FA + suprise strike auto crit was OP

    Yeah, I think this is actually a really good suggestion from ifreborn.
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    Re: Greetings All

    Any edible hoppits around?

    ohai btw
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