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  1. Assailment (Yellow) for Soloing/Lite group play

    I love the game play and style of the Warden class a lot. I mostly solo but do have a few buddies (Guardian, Rune Keeper) who play and I like to group with sometime. I'm interested in bringing a...
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    Having this same problem. Such a bummer as I just...

    Having this same problem. Such a bummer as I just got back into the game. I tried doing the trick where you add the launcher to your dock and it won't run Happy Cloud at all but I'm still getting the...
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    Hunter or Captain?

    I've been away for a lonnnng time. I've always loved the support/healing style of the Captain, but I also enjoy the ranged DPS and play style of the Hunter. Right now I'm playing a yellow line hunter...
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    One thing thats bothering me a bit...

    Nothing huge, but could we please change the forum name (and any other instance of the term) from MAC to Mac? Again, I realize it's not a huge detail, but us Apple fans are known for our attention to...
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    Just to let everyone know, I am running OS X...

    Just to let everyone know, I am running OS X Mavericks and I got a pretty nice performance boost out of my upgrade. I'm running a 2009 MacBook White with an nVidia 9400 and I've been able to kick my...
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