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    Can freeps Pvmp with new expansion

    Hey, just a quick question. Can freeps play pvmp now with the new expansion or is it only the reaver class? If it is only reaver, I will be very disappointed, because I want to take my burg to the...
  2. Re: Switched to premium and lost all content?

    Well, i thought that if I was playing before F2P launched and had an account going that if I switched to F2P I would keep everything I had. I guess this is not how it works though?

    (smart of...
  3. Switched to premium and lost all content?

    Hey everyone, I have a question to ask about swtiching form VIP to premium. I just switched and I lost all content except the expansions. Now I thought that if you were a subscriber before F2P came...
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    Forming new kin (RTS kin)

    Hey everyone, I am starting a new kin and was wondering if anyone here would be interested in joining. This kin will be a casual fun talkative kin that will run group instances and pvp when we get...
  5. returning after a long break and looking for some help

    Hey everyone, I've been gone since f2p launched and SC2 came out, but I'm coming back after reading that radiance is going away and all the new updates coming out. I want to start over on a new...
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    Re: need some help with my thesis topic

    never mind
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    Re: need some help with my thesis topic

    never mind
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    need some help with my thesis topic

    Never mind I am keeping with what I had before. Thanks for the advice
  9. Can this laptop run lotro and on what settings?

    Just a simple question. thanks in advance.

    here is link

  10. Re: Creeps and Freeps alike.....we need fresh ideas for playing in the moors

    I got something really fun we can do.

    First I need 10-15 champs
    Second I need every creep
    Third creeps and champ all get together in a ball
    Fourth every champ uses deathstorm and fun for all.
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