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  1. Anyone here have the fine quiver recipe from the spring festival?

    Looking to see if anyone has a "Fine Quiver" recipe on Imladris. If you do and can make me one (ill provide whatever mats) send me a mail at either:


  2. A scroll that allows you to Rename your Legendary weapon?

    I think this has happened to everyone, you max out your leg...but forgot to name it, i'd pay TP to buy one of these just to re-do my Leg's name. I think alot of other players would as well.
  3. Scroll for Re-Naming Legendary Items after Final-Forging PLEASE.

    Got my first 1st age, good stats, good leg's, forgot to name it, and i really hate having to look at my title as "reforged hunters blah of the blah" its quite annoying, im sure there are other people...
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    there needs to be a scroll of renaming or...

    there needs to be a scroll of renaming or something to correct this. Just happened to me, got a first age 85 6 majors, everything i want on it, and i forget to name it. looking at that long generic...
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    Re: What is this server like?

    Its a real nice server, however extremely small. You may find yourself very lonely at times if you dont join one of the larger kinships in the realm, and since theres so few people you end up knowing...
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    Re: Kinship Revamp Proposal

    Very nicely done, Your system looks great as far as revamping kinships go, im dying for the allowance of player-made titles and more ranks within kin ranks.
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    Re: Horse Armour Barding

    Agreed. it would be a nice touch to add on, plus for F2P turned premium users (such as myself) you could charge like 595 (as much as a quest pack) just to be able for us to use it. Of course your VIP...
  8. Will there be an updated character creation in the near future?

    i made my elf hunter, made his facial features and structure, where hes from, etc. a little while ago i just bought a new video card and really don't like how he looks with the graphics at a much...
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