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  1. As The009 and I posted a little earlier in the...

    As The009 and I posted a little earlier in the thread, significant numbers of people in certain geographic regions will be affected by this issue, because one of the major causes is a fault on one or...
  2. Some Akamai CDN servers are either down or do not respond with correct data

    Yes, I have tested this with The009 and the problem is with specific servers on the Akamai CDN that Turbine are using to serve game information. Unfortunately the Launcher logs never show *why* it...
  3. Re: Understanding Finesse: what is the practical effect?

    Take a look at the following ratings in your character panel:

    - Resistance
    - Block
    - Parry
    - Evade

    Every enemy has the same things, except of course their values are different. When you...
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    Re: Physical mitigation- question

    Yes I made a typo in my reply, thanks for picking that up - I have edited it to say "mitigation" instead of "resistance", but the numbers are valid. if you see my previous extensive posts in this...
  5. Re: Due to a technical issue we have had to disable the spawning of certain lootable

    Couldn't agree more...
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    Re: Physical mitigation- question

    If I take my level 65 numbers pre-launch, with my guard, I previously had a melee defence of 15%. My tactical mitigation for non-specialised sources (i.e. not wearing armour or traiting to cover it)...
  7. Re: Some questions involving combat calculations

    1> Crit Defence was always a percentage that directly reduced the enemy percentage chance of scoring a crit on you - it remains the same.

    2> Your finesse percentage is directly subtracted from...
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    Re: Physical mitigation- question

    No, the number you see for Physical Mitigation and Tactical Mitigation is purely a base number for contributing to the sub-types such as Common, Fire, Lightniing etc. So you have a base Physical...
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    Re: Dwindling Morale/Power

    Yes the various developer diaries released over the past couple of months have specifically stated the rebalancing of class setups involves making non-tank classes less tanky. So what you are seeing...
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    Re: Fire seems more...Fiery?

    I haven't done Igash since the update, but I have done other fire dealing mobs, including in Forges, and if anything I have noticed it's actually easier to deal with now. Perhaps this is an Igash...
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    Re: Physical mitigation- question

    At the risk of repeating myself, I think people are making something complicated out of what is a very straightforward system.

    All skills (including effects) have the following components, only...
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    Re: Physical mitigation- question

    It is no different now. Precisely what you described is still what happens. Unfortunately, it doesn't help that the word Tactical is used three times in combat parlance for totally separate things...
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    Balrog is sad :(

    I think somebody in the demotivational thread beat me to the upload, but I thought I'd upload the one I was working on anyway :)

    Edit: seems that my post was moved into this thread - I didn't put...
  14. Re: Amazon S3 or Akamai can deliver large files to million of people for 15cents/Giga

    As a geek in a garage myself, +1 to you sir!
  15. Re: Rise of Isengard Update/Patching Discussion - OFFICIAL

    Sapience's answers should really be extracted and stickied in a new post for the time being - having them interlaced in this potential threadnought is ensuring they aren't reaching the intended...
  16. Re: Is there any reason to have any other class than an RK

    Well since I didn't say that I would only take an RK and Captain into OD, you're obviously just wanting to try backing up your friend by arguing against a point that I didn't make. Good for you,...
  17. Re: Is there any reason to have any other class than an RK

    Wrong. RK's are the single biggest single-target healers in the game. There isn't even anything comparable. So they are the choice for healing tanks. Minstrels are better for sharing the love...
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    Re: Stop treating creeps as 3rd rate players

    Thanks for selectively highlighting the bits of my posts you wanted to whinge about, without including the rest for context. If you'd bothered to read, Mr Troll, you would have seen that I also...
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    Re: Get rid of Burglar broken legs cure.

    Is this in the same way that when you are fighting a Warg, as in actually hitting it in the face half a metre in front of you, that it can suddenly, somehow, become invisible and sprint away? That...
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    Re: Stop treating creeps as 3rd rate players

    This made me laugh :) Considering the respective content levels, PvMP has received an outrageously large amount of attention and development time. Many changes to PvE content have occurred to make...
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    Re: Morroval Creep class

    I like the idea of this, but I would think there needs to be a class definition for what primary archetype the class would fit into. I believe the creeps already have one of each primary except an...
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    Re: Once again no new classes......

    You should instead be addressing this at the lack of group content on the way to max level. Everybody these days simply solos to level 65 and then hits the instance wall where they have no idea how...
  23. Re: Should I bother getting legadaries and endgame gear?

    Short answer is, no, it's not worth doing the grind for items or legendary elements. Some fundamental things will be changing with the expansion (see dev diaries), so at the moment not even seasoned...
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    Re: The Demotivation of the Ring

    OMG Moooooooooooooolicious! Top stuff, laughed hard at this one, too! :)
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    Re: Best Class to Solo

    There is no "best". If there was a "best", there would only be one class being played in the game. Ever.

    The only thing you, or anybody else, should concern yourself with is using a class that...
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