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  1. From across the sea (New to the server), bearing questions!

    Hello Snowbourn :)

    My name is Leve, and I come from Elendilmir, as once upon a time I lived in Canada so playing on a NA server of course made sense. About 4 years ago I changed up my life a...
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    Sticky: Re: Real Life Pictures Thread

    Seems that Elendilmir still looks fantastic, even after a couple year away!

    Here's a little something for the SW fans!


    (yes, it makes the...
  3. Re: Endeavor is back and looking to build a dedicated and driven raid group.

    Endeavor : Now with 100% more Levex.

    Elbs is doing a great job of getting us going through the new content. If you've got the skill, and want to raid, fill in our last few spots. Orthanc is...
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