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    It's been awhile since I made the video, but I...

    It's been awhile since I made the video, but I pretty sure I did the following:

    - Create a series of scripted maps (6-7) on a modded version of BFME II (RotWK) specifically for the video with the...
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    Thank you for all the kind words!! Updated the...

    Thank you for all the kind words!!

    Updated the original post with the link to the video on YouTube. Seems like it finally may be available there.

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    Re: Sauron vs. Tom Bombadil

    Thank you very much for your kind words. I'm very glad you enjoyed it and the video still stands as one of the most enjoyable LotRs items I've done. It just was not possible to pass up mixing...
  4. Re: Steed of the Guardian - Win it before you can buy it!

    Great to hear and will keep my eyes out for it :)
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    Sticky: Poll: Re: Vote: Design a Unique Relic!

    If Setting of the Ages, Gem of the Encircling Seas, & Rune of the two Trees maintain their lead will that mean that there will be a relic added in each slot that will include power regen?
  6. Re: Has your mastery crafting XP bar been emptied after the update?

    I'm pretty sure that prior to update you could not work on your mastery for the current tier until you opened up the following tier by doing the quest. (i.e. you could not work on your Journeyman...
  7. Re: *Plays from 33-40 in Evendim* *Goes to Angmar*

    I am hoping for the following re-vamp schedule (Starting with Angmar):

    Ered Luin - Level to 15 (done)
    Bree-land - level to 22 (done)
    Lone-lands - level to 30 (done)
    Evendim - level...
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    VIP Store Coupons

    Is it possible to have coupons that are available based on Account Status? At least to me, there are a great number of benefits to subscribing for a single month and then letting that subscription...
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    Re: Wargs in the Lone Lands

    For Crebain, the best place is in-between the dwarven camp and the goblins, just east of the Lornspan at the nests where Harmon Rushes spawns for the now out-dated craft quest. As mentioned, I...
  10. Re: The History of the Dunedain still available?

    It can bug out for some reason and I've had it happen a couple of times. (Same thing with Flowers of the Old Forest.) To correct it I've done the following:

    - Happens most often if I am in a...
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    Re: Wargs in the Lone Lands

    Best place I've found is the goblin ruin area next to the Inn, where the Anorian Rubble and Pottery Shard quests are completed. Kill all of the Wargs wondering around with the wolves, then run up...
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    Re: Crafting Recipes Gone!?!?

    While I am saddened at the lost of a great deal of my recipes (especially the one-shot variants :() and I wish that another method was possible to retain more recipes, there is at least one positive...
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    Re: Wednesday's Lotteries missing?

    Ah, but it's already there :D +1 Character slot
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    Re: Update 2 ETA?

    Don't know when the exact date will be, but a couple things can be noted:

    - There was a Feeback thread for changes to the Spring Festival on the BR forums


    - The Spring Festival has...
  15. Re: Add slayer deed acceleration as a guild recipe for scholars.

    While I do not think this would be only available via in-game (as these items probably will always have some connection to the store), maybe there could be a hybrid approach?

    I would be very...
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    Re: Update 2 - When?

    Well, it's probably before 3/21 the tentative start date for the Spring Festival.

    I wonder if they will pass up on releasing 3.3 on 3/3? (Probably was at one point a projected release date)
  17. Re: TP Lottery - thanks but have you thought this through?

    I believe it was standard time from the point the item was mailed. When I got the notification of mail from the gift box, the lottery mail items were there waiting for me.
  18. Re: TP Lottery - thanks but have you thought this through?

    For the lottery, your character is sent the mail, you just do not see the notification and cannot access the mail until the instance is complete. When the lotteries came back I had a few characters...
  19. Re: TP Lottery - thanks but have you thought this through?

    This was mentioned as well the first time the TP awards were used in the Flash lotteries, among other items.

    As for finishing the starting instance, that is not a default requirement for...
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    Re: About those dev diaries sapience

    Hmm, I'll buy an i :D (And luckily you've never done the whole dev diary with _._._/_._._......)
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    Re: About those dev diaries sapience


    So it's one of champion, guardian, or minstrel?
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    Re: Lottery repeating

    Yeah, it's a recurring lotto set to repeat every 20 mins. 1-2x extra might have been intended, but now that it's been going for about 2 hours maybe it was an accident?
  23. Thread: Lottery

    by robnkarla

    Re: Lottery

    As Crell mentioned, there may not have been an active lottery when you checked. The next scheduled lottery will be available at 1PM EST so check again after that is available and you will be able to...
  24. Re: Champ seems to forget she has weapons while in combat.

    Ah, would love it if it were possible to head-butt AoE as I know a few champs that would love to try :)

    (And what would the sound be instead of Shing Shing)
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    Re: Angmar instances...

    They were added to the skirmish vendors when Mirkwood (and skirmishes) launched, and almot a year before F2P. There were a number of reasons for them being included in the skirmish vendors,...
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