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  1. Re: Minstrel no longer my main if beta changes stay

    Well, your always going to have to be out of WS to heal effectively aren't you? From what you are saying you seem to expect to heal effectively whilst in WS. "If you are in a position where you NEED...
  2. Re: Minstrel no longer my main if beta changes stay

    In all honesty, if you are in a position where you need to heal your party members, you shouldn't be in WS. At least now we can drop WS instantly and heal ourselves whilst in it. I see this being a...
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    Re: Freeps and Creeps of Snowbourn

    Prefer my creep lately, seems to be less of us. Good late night group with Argelya leading too. Just need you back on your creep Sal - too many kb's on me yesterday ;)
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    Re: Character Update on mylotro

    I have a problem where only inactive characters are showing up on the list. These characters are on various servers that I haven't played for well over a year. All my main characters are on...
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    Re: Defenders Of The South

    Aye Barb is still about, he's just been away for a while with work. And yup, going stronger than ever! :)
  6. Re: The Last Alliance; A Kinship for those old enough to know better....

    This post has cheered me up for the day.
    As we say in Glasgow: Goan yersel old timers! :D
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    Defenders Of The South

    Hello one and all.

    Defenders Of The South are recruiting.

    Some basics:
    We are a very active rank 10 kinship, which has been running since beta. Through the years we have merged with other...
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