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  1. lvl 75 warden looking for a friendly rainding kin, preferably in Europe timezone

    as you can probably get from the title, im looking for a new kinship- it must be a raiding one, running ToO's, and draigoch every now and then. i must also be on the imladris server. i would also...
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    WTS: rank 8 kinship

    i lead a rank 8 kinship on one of my chars, there are a few, but not many inactive members. the kinship has a kinship house, with all storage bought, and all rent paid. if interested then send...
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    Re: WTB: Rank 7+ Inactive Kinship

    I lead a rank 8 fairly inactive kinship on one of my chars, if you're still interested then send a tell/ mail to me in game. my main chars name is corgar, and an alt cotho (on the imladris server)....
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