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    I used BuffBars very successfully back a year or...

    I used BuffBars very successfully back a year or so ago, but when I came back to game recently and started up again, I can't get any of the quickslots to work. They show up when the UI is moveable,...
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    Oraekja, I was in the Rohirrim back...

    Oraekja, I was in the Rohirrim back in...oh...2010/2011, I guess, when I first started playing. My warden (Kaolwyn) was my main then though. Anyone from around that time still there?
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    Re: Current Adventurers Lottery

    I just saw this too (and came here to see if there was an explanation). Very odd.
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    Re: Monday Coffee

    Waiting on mine to finish right now! Good morning, Landroval...
  5. Re: Company of the White Tree - Med-Heavy RP, Military Based Kin

    Hmmm...I checked the list this morning and approved the new members...if you still can't log in to the site, please send me an in-game mail with the username you're applying with and I'll see what I...
  6. Re: Company of the White Tree - Med-Heavy RP, Military Based Kin

    The 7th Legion is moving south, and is in need of more able solders to join the ranks. Please contact us in game and through our forums if you would join us and fight for Gondor!
  7. Company of the White Tree - Med-Heavy RP, Military Based Kin


    Gondor! Gondor, between the Mountains and the Sea!
    West Wind blew there; the light upon...
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    Re: Summerfest horse

    Glad I was only drinking water, might have ruined a few more things...
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    Re: No more prized ost dunhoth war horse? :(

    Any further notice on this issue? Any definitive answers on whether it's a bug or if they just removed the horse?

    I must be the only person who thinks the horse is awesome looking. Was just...
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    Re: GM+ Crafters On Landroval

    This DOES really need to be stickied. Please please, forum gods? *doe eyes *

    Anyway, I have two Supreme Kindred crafters, soon to be SMK. Kaolwyn (56) is am SK tailor and Karidis (41) is am SK...
  11. Re: The NEW big list of Landroval Role Play Kinships

    Please add Company of the White Tree to the list. http://nimloth.lotrosites.org

    We are a heavy roleplay, Gondorian military style kinship. We are a friendly, helpful kin with many allies in the...
  12. Re: Roleplay Triple A - The Heavy RP Collaboration Channel (/joinchannel RP-AAA)

    I joined too. :) I'm sure you'll hear me adding my two cents to the conversation here and there. Hopefully this will be a great tool for the Landroval roleplayers!
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    Re: So... What's the deal, hm?

    I'm curious about *where* you've been RPing. It sounds very much like you've run up against the Bree/Archet drama types. Personally, my RP tag is always off in Bree town proper unless my character...
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    Re: The Rohirrim Seeks New Riders!

    There may well be a kin with the same or similar name, but I don't think they're affiliated with us, or ever have been.
  15. Re: Can we PLEASE have a proper Gondorian cosmetic hauberk?

    Hear hear! I have characters in the Company as well, and would love to see some Gondorian gear. As he said, we're not claiming to be Tower/City guard...just soldiers. But I'm sure even Gondor's...
  16. Re: The NEW big list of Landroval Role Play Kinships

    This is a great resource! Thanks so much. :)
  17. Re: Someone said it's "against EULA for me to roleplay as a salesman"?

    I can't wait until this person runs into Caffeinated* and UrMomWuzaHmstr*.

    *Names changed.
  18. Re: Weekend Coffee of Lotro, Football, Rain, and Vacations End

    Those are AWESOME shots! Love.
  19. Re: Weekend Coffee of Lotro, Football, Rain, and Vacations End

    Hope no one minds if I post these pics here...there were several of us in the Pony dancing away yesterday, and I thought it looked awesome. :) I lightened them a bit so maybe the characters can be...
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    Re: Welcome Concert Tonight

    I'm going to try to come! Barring any unforeseen RL catastrophes...I haven't yet been to a large gathering, I keep missing Ales and Tales.
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    Re: Friday coffee!!!!! (^_^)

    Hrm. I wonder if this is a result of the layering? I was in Bree a good bit today and ran into RP pretty much everywhere. Outside the Pony, inside the Pony, in the crafting hall...
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    Re: Friday coffee!!!!! (^_^)

    *peeks in, hoping some of the dust from the new launch has settled*

    Hallo, Landroval. *hugs her coffee mug* I'm trying to get used to the new forums. Right now I'm off to Archet with some first...
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