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    Re: Tome of Vitality V?

    I guess this still isn't fixed. Either that, or it is definitely intentional. But the Tome of Will in yesterday's Adventurer's Lottery, even though the description on the Lottery said required Will...
  2. Re: What will you do with the future "XP disabler"?

    Exactly this. Working on Deeds and Skirmish Marks without out-leveling my friends in my regular weekly gaming group.

    As others have stated, I would like this to be either a Pocket Item you equip...
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    Tome of Vitality V?

    OK. So I won the Adventurer's Lottery earlier today.

    Adventurer's Lottery
    Ended 12/02/2011 11:00AM EST

    One of the gifts in the mail was a Tome of Vitality V. Not that I'm not grateful, but...
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    Re: Skeleton Horse Quest Help

    So, my son got the Aged Deed from the Barrows Chest and didn't even realize it. He just clicked it today and gave him the quest for the Skeleton Horse. Is there any way to turn in the quest now? ...
  5. Re: Roll Windows showing higher stats than the items give

    I don't see how this will work for the Rift Armor or other sets that you barter for. What drops in the scaled instance is just a barter token. Will this token somehow be scaled and translate to a...
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    Re: my.lotro.com Help for Kinships

    No. The Kinship Log page has never worked for us either. Same error. What's also frustrating is that even the Kinship Log Widget on the main page, it shows the data from my character, but no other...
  7. Thread: Goat

    by Thaladar_LOTRO

    Re: Goat

    OK. Good to know! I was considering doing this for the swift travel, but didn't realize it also permanently unlocked the inventory, gold cap and virtues/racials as well. That's pretty cool.
  8. Thread: Goat

    by Thaladar_LOTRO

    Re: Goat

    How do you buy a Reputation Mount from any of the factions when the gold cap is 5G? My son is almost Kindred with the Mathom Society and wants to buy the horse, but the horse is just over 5G. I...
  9. Re: Stat-Tomes 20% off. Stat-Packages the same?

    Thanks for taking this risk! I was just about to ask this very same question. Good thing Search turned this up!
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    Re: Virtue Finder Tool

    Wow! This is a pretty handy tool. I like the printable checklist also. The one feature that is missing is "multi-select". I would like to select multiple Virtues and have the deeds still grouped...
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    Re: Mobile version

    Yes! I've seen suggestions for Mobile Forums, either using the built-in mobile SDK for vBulletin, Tapatalk, ForumRunner, and possibly others. Mobile-friends forums would be a huge improvement!
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    Re: Some of us DO hate skirmishes

    I would much prefer option #3. Epic Instances where the fellowship is scaled by IG are much more fun than the Vol II Skirmishes. They could in fact be the same "instance", but with IG instead of a...
  13. Re: Rep Mount speed increase when in Rep Zone

    I like this idea! It would definitely encourage getting more than one Rep Mount. I also think the World Reknown mount is fine-is. You have to earn Kindred in all of the Eriador factions to earn...
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    Re: Kinship Revamp Proposal

    I really hope to see many of the ideas in this proposal implented. The current implementation of Kinships is extremely basic and leave much room for improvement. I particularly like the Kin Vault,...
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    Elf Bow-Damage Racial Trait broken?

    Has anyone noticed whether the Elf Bow-Damage Racial Trait is broken? I was surprised when I equipped this racial trait at the Bard and it had absolutely no effect on the damage for my skills.
  16. Re: Are there any good websites that show you best in slot gear by level?

    This site is pretty good. It "ranks" the gear based on the the stats. And now that you can configure the ratings to influence the ratings based on the stats you prefer...its even better. Check it...
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    Re: Keyboard mapping recommendations

    Wow. I didn't realize folks actually used keys for so many skills. I only use keys for my Warden, and even then only for the three Gambit-building skills and the Execute Gambit skill. Even for my...
  18. Re: Captains Should be able to have Dual wield

    Maybe because Captains go to Boromir in Rivendell for their Class Quest? That's why I thought the class was loosely based off of him.

    But back on topic, No. I don't think Captains need to Dual...
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    Re: How to do Legendary Weapons correctly.

    There are a lot of neat ideas in your revamp proposal. But I believe that Cosmetics, while nice, isn't necessary and from what I understand of how the weapons are coded, isn't even possible. If you...
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    Re: Kinship Revamp Proposal

    This is awesome! Well done! The Kinship system is in need of a serious revamp and this is an excellent starting proposal. I really hope Turbine considers this.

    I do think that the Blessings,...
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    Re: Lotteries Suspended Until Further Notice

    Is there any way to check for any winning lotteries from all the really good stuff yesterday? Other than logging in with every single character to see if they won? I understand new lotteries are...
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    Re: Inn of the Forsaken Criticism

    After having finally played through this last night with two friends, this was exactly our impression. First, neat that it had traps, riddles and other new things. But the second was, huh? We just...
  23. Re: Do effects from multiple Hunters stack?

    Excellent! Thanks for clarifying. I can understand why the slows don't stack, but glad to hear the bleeds do. I appreciate the quick responses from everyone.
  24. Do effects from multiple Hunters stack?

    Not having played in groups with multiple Hunters before or having an opportunity to test this, I'm curious whether various effects stack. For example if the same mob is hit by Barbed Arrow from...
  25. Re: Avatar editing for My Kinship page in the community site.

    Yep. Same problem here. Can't update the Kinship Avatar. How hard can this possibly be to fix??
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