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    Is Battle for Dol Baran still WAI?

    Seven wipes on the final instance with my 73 RK and I still can't find a winnning strategy. Objectives are to capture 4 enemy banners, keep Grimbold alive, and defeat the boss. One problem is...
  2. Can one retrait the moria legendary trait?

    My RK completed the class Mines of Moria epic and chose the healing trait (Wondrous Exhaltation, or something sounds like). Trying to get through the Herald of the Rohirrim solo instance at lev 73, ...
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    no fix as of July

    53 posts and no apparent addressing of this glitch. My 70 RK managed to pick up four of Andreg's quests, cruel traps and grave corruption being offered at the bottom of the n and w on the map. I...
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