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  1. Re: New content - new names - free rename vouchers

    Surely a similar query needs to be run every time someone creates a character, or even sends a tell? If running a simple SELECT query impacts gameplay, Turbine have bigger issues than picking NPC...
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    Re: Browsing the store out of game


    Surely it doesn't have to be as difficult as all that? Certainly the PlaySpan side of things, and indeed the existing store, doesn't need to be touched at all?

    All it needs is a web...
  3. Re: L50 class quests - stage 2 - no help on the map?

    Yeah, I think I might too. They're not as expensive as I thought luckily.

    So it seems this is WAI then.

    Thanks all for the directions, advice and interesting historical perspective :)
  4. Re: L50 class quests - stage 2 - no help on the map?


    Although I will freely admit that I'm glad to (usually) have the map and pointer, the quest directions are proving enough to go on in this case. (Being a hunter and having tracking skills...
  5. Re: L50 class quests - stage 2 - no help on the map?

    I think that's the third-stage items, which I might buy with Marks. I'm currently after cave-claw skins, neeker horns, worm eyes, turtle beaks and... fingernails?
  6. L50 class quests - stage 2 - no help on the map?

    I've just hit 45 on my Hunter and got the level 50 class quests, Implements of the Hunt and Articles of Discovery.

    I completed the first section of each no problem - go to Angmar/MM, go to the...
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    Re: Steed of the dusk-watch

    Will these drop for characters who can't yet ride?

    I got a dusk-horse while collecting tokens for the firework horse on my main. I'm now considering just grinding the envelope quest on my alts in...
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    Re: Weird caterpillar in Bree

    Weird. Thanks for the heads-up; I'll take more care in future.
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    Re: Weird caterpillar in Bree

    I just came across a regular Souther Raider in the beggars' quarter in Bree. Wasn't looking where I was going and she jumped me. I legged it while she wiped out my herald. I came back that way and...
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    Re: Password strength on login

    I'll admit I don't have more than a general awareness of what JtR does, but from its Wikpedia article, it can either use a dictionary attack (where "password" is more likely to be in the dictionary...
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    Password strength on login

    Can we lose the as-you-type password strength indicator on the my.lotro.com login screen?

    This is a useful control to help you pick a strong password, but what exactly does it achieve on a login...
  12. Re: AW: Mines of Moria - LOTRO store being a bit unfair.

    can you explain this please?
  13. Re: WTB/T Heavy Yew (Cross)Bow recipe / Expert woodworker scoll cases.

    To whomever it was that sent me this recipe, and some more besides... Thank you very much, and I'm terribly sorry but I didn't write down your name and now you're gone from my mailbox :( Let me know...
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    Re: misty mountains 50% off, to buy or not?

    Cheers @Eliaf, didn't notice this was on sale. :)
  15. WTB/T Heavy Yew (Cross)Bow recipe / Expert woodworker scoll cases.

    After levelling from 28 to 29 killing 40-xp mobs looking for Expert Woodworker scoll cases, I have piles of every -other- type of Expert scroll case, a few Woodworker recipes I didn't know existed,...
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