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  1. As much as it sucks not being able to play when...

    As much as it sucks not being able to play when you want to... I bet it sucks a lot more having to fix issues that pop up when you are dog tired after implementing a huge update, and want to go home...
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    Re: Legendary item names

    Healing club: "Bonk"
    DPS dagger: "Poke" (both are a tribute to Bilbo's sword "Sting")
    Book: "The Ultimate Silly Songs Collection" (taken from Veggietales)
  3. Re: any suggestions for Minstrel doing solo instances (most recently Behind Bars)?

    Excellent! I think this is a great development. People can decide for themselves whether they want to solo, or bring a friend. I'm a big fan of options, so thank you very much!
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    Re: Best gear for a healing Mini? (template?)

    This is my mini as of today: Daralyn. She's healing traited, and she does well in higher level instances without having any gear that is particularly hard to attain.
    And I absolutely LOVE the...
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    Re: End Game Healing for Minstrels

    I don't have a high level RK, but my mini hit 65 about two months ago, and I absolutely love playing her. Stick with your Minstrel, you will have a blast! It took me a while to build up the...
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    Re: How important is will?

    You all have given me some new viewpoints, I am going to adjust my stats a bit, I think. I started this LM back in the days of SoA, when Fate was the be-all, end-all stat for Loremasters. I didn't...
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    Re: How important is will?

    My LM is at level 42 at the moment, so I'm by no means an expert. I have been concentrating on fate, vitality and will, in that order. Meaning that those are the big three for me, and everything else...
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    Re: The ethics of healing for profit

    I think he is referring to an issue with player music, where it stays really loud even if you turn the volume way down. I've run into it in Twentyfirst Hall, and in the Prancing Pony in Bree as well...
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    Re: The ethics of healing for profit

    I've been offered money to heal, but I don't accept it. I heal for free, or I decline the group (usually due to lack of time). Getting paid to heal feels to me like I'm taking advantage of someone...
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    Re: New consumable for Minstrels

    Sounds excellent. ;)
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    Re: What zones do you skip entirely?

    Garth Agarwen. Hate it with a passion.
    Dol Dinen. Boring and repetitive.

    And somehow I have managed to skip Fornost (instance part) on all my guys, but not because I wanted to. I could never...
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    Re: A reasoned response to all the hatred

    I've read and heard a lot of people complain about the maturity level of the chat since F2P went live. To put that in perspective: I remember a two hour discussion in the /glff channel on Landroval...
  13. Re: Enlivening Grace, Song of Restoration...?

    Best way to learn is ask questions! Welcome to the wonderful world of minstreling, have a great time, and if you have questions about anything at all, just keep asking. We were all new at some point,...
  14. Re: ADD this feature to the LOTRo store and I am sold

    That made me laugh out loud, and at the same time it seems like an absolutely brilliant idea.
  15. Re: I'm hooked once again and I'm happy to admit it.

    Welcome back! I feel the same way you do. For every negative Nelly there are two or three helpful, enthusiastic people out there. We will always have trolls, griefers and morons, but then, those are...
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    Re: Life After Level 20

    Start dying! Seriously, you can have so much more fun now, going out on a limb, taking on way too many mobs to see how much you can get away with. You learn your limits, your abilities, and when to...
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    Re: Lifetimers Free Bree Ponies no more?

    I believe it's only the founders that get a free mount.
    The Bree starter pony/horse is a slow mount that you could buy at level 20 instead of level 35, for 220 silver. It didn't require the Riding...
  18. Re: Quest completion before character has been revived?

    Correct, retreating before the completion of the quest means you don't get credit.
    And yes, you get credit for an escort quest even if you die in the beginning, as long as you don't retreat before...
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    Re: Where's my Content?

    I just wanted to express my admiration for the people that have been explaining the same thing over and over and over so patiently. Reading a thread like this makes me want to pull my hair out, and...
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    Re: LOTRO Free to Play RAGE (humorous)

    Love them! Very well deserved +rep.
  21. Re: Upgrading a F2P account help needed please.

    That stinks. :( I think you're right, the key should work no matter where you got it.
  22. Re: Upgrading a F2P account help needed please.

    You can upgrade your F2P account. Go to your Turbine my_account page, it will give you the option to enter a CD key. Enter the key on your Mines of Moria expansion, it will upgrade your F2P account....
  23. Re: Long time mini RPer.... new mini user. some help?

    I'm not big on DPS either, I like the fact that my mini is solely a support character. In fact, the other day I was going to join a group with a Warden friend, and was told I needed to retrait for...
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    Re: What is your favorite screen shot

    My hobbit minstrel looking out over the Ice Bay in Forochel at sunset.

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    Re: Show Off Your Custom Avatars!

    Mine is my little hobbit minstrel looking out over the Ice Bay in Forochel at sunset. The full size one is actually my desk top at the moment, I love the colors.
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