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    New Forums, could we get a new attitude?

    At what point in 2014 does LOTROs license with Middle Earth Enterprises run out?
    Back many months ago, tucked into the I think U10 release notes there was a link to a story stating that WB/Turbines...
  2. First Attack from Pressing Attack not critting?

    Ok tested this a lot on combat dummies and noticed the first attack from pressing attack never crits.

    This seems to be why combat analysis and other combat trackers show the critical rate for...
  3. Because they have already given up on "Upgrades...

    Because they have already given up on "Upgrades should feel like upgrades" and to make this new level 85 loot look good they have to nerf level 75 gear and set bonuses just to make us regrind back to...
  4. Block,Parry, Evade,Crit Rating Capped at 15 percent.

    So some kinmates and myself made characters and stopped them at 20 and twinked them out.

    We are excited about doing the raids at 20 and have been running the new 3 mans at 20.

    Hopefully they...
  5. This has nothing to do with the direction you...

    This has nothing to do with the direction you come from, or the orcs around her being alive or dead.

    It is purely a racial issue.

    I have done it on several different combinations of races and...
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    I had hundreds of these, used them to by stat...

    I had hundreds of these, used them to by stat scrolls and such.

    Barter vendor is still there, but of course all my medallions are gone without any kind of notice from Turbine.

    Really getting...
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    Stealth Nerf to Distract

    Ok getting tired of stealth nerf to skills which have been around forever and suddenly get nerfed without any mention whatsoever.

    2 minute duration on distract now.

    I understand that it was...
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    There is no limit to the amount of tasks you can...

    There is no limit to the amount of tasks you can do.

    There are deeds for 100,200,300,400,and 500 tasks completed. Once you have the deed done you can continue to turn in tasks.
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    Simple Idea to help with Item XP runes

    Like many of us i have stacks and stacks of low value XP runes.

    I have often wished that there were a way to click an entire stack of 25 of these and apply all the item experience at once, rather...
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    To be honest the way in which the whole relic...

    To be honest the way in which the whole relic system has been handled has left me with a VERY bad feeling towards Turbine.

    They cut the tiers from nine back to 6 and claimed that they would make...
  11. SKirmish log updating but not skirmish stats or leader rankings?

    Anyone else seeing this behavior?

    For one of my accounts things seem to be working fine but for the other, the skirmish log updates but not the skirmish stats or leader board numbers.
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    Re: Update 6 : What did you get from your LootBox

    Level 70-75 lootbox

    You have acquired [25 Regenerative Foods (Tier 8)]

    That is all. Was really displeased with this.

    And the food is even a joke, not even half the regen from non crit level...
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    Starlight Crystals Drop Rate?

    Just trying to get an idea of drop rate for these.

    Ran 30 skirmishes all tier 1 level 75, mix of solo, duo and 3 man.

    no crystals.

    looked for another thread with this info but did not see...
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    Distract causing agro on resist.

    Am i going crazy?

    I am positive it was mentioned that in addition to Distract becoming a 3 target AOE it would not cause agro on resist.

    I have looked all over but now cannot seem to find...
  15. Re: Ballad buffs expiring prematurely out of combat?

    Tell me ohh Great fortune teller. When will I expire.

    "Well you will expire within 150 years". Oh Btw it can be sooner than that.

    Is that Sooner, Moorsooner,...
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    Re: Comments About RoI Patch 1

    What happened to a skirmish barter for scrolls of greater delving. Don't get me wrong it is nice that the book quest will now reward one, however we need a barter option for these, and continued...
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    Skirmish Soldier Limited to Rank 25 for VIP?

    I certainly hope this is a bug and not working as intended.

    I purchased ROI with Turbine points and have been doing the quests to get to 75, now that i am 75 wanted to start doing some skirmishes...
  18. Re: Anyone now worried after the Warden Dev Diary?

    My concern and one both the dev and it seems a fair share of the community is missing is in reference not to tanking, but what goes on when your not tanking.

    By that i mean, the guard, warden and...
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    Scroll of Greater Delving

    Any idea where we can get these other than Melding 6672 Shards? I couldn't seem to figure out any other way to get them other of course than the store.

    Would love to know as getting that many...
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    Re: Visual Guide To Minstrels in Rise of Isengard

    I will miss it as well, no better cure for the hunter who just can't seem to understand strength stance is for soloing than a gift of the bubble.
  21. Re: Is there any chance they'll change the power issue that's coming?

    Not sure why you are surprised. Both Moria and Mirkwood involved a complete rework of the combat system and an across the board nerfing down of all classes, it seems to be the goal with each...
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    Re: Captain Update, second iteration.

    Any Particular reason to do this? I like the fact that you get a few extra seconds buffer to refresh Strength of Will. Helps if you are busy doing other things, which the captain often is. Also with...
  23. Re: Average number of skirmish marks you get in each skirmish?

    Sure would be nice if the My Lotro actually worked and we could track this type of stuff with it.
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    Any chance of fix for skirmish stats?

    Seems like it must be getting close to a year now that skirmish times have said zero instead of an actual time.

    Several skirmishes for each of my characters, almost always 3 but a different 3 for...
  25. Re: 995 TP Character Bank Storage Upgrade, what happend to the 195 TP ones?

    Agreed, at 995 for the final 2 expansions i MIGHT break down and buy them if they were account wide.

    At 995 per character per expansion I will NEVER buy these.

    Heck, i saw the price of these in...
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