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  1. thank you

    I guess ill have to youtube them to see what happens, although I plan on buying rohan soon so why spoil it
  2. can someone explain to me why erebor is in the...

    can someone explain to me why erebor is in the future, smaug is killed long before frodo's journey, although i havent watched any youtube videos to see what they are like, ive only read the titles
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    my little goat

    they will implement this with gondor, everyone will have to get one to battle the nazgul on the flyie thingies at minas blah blah blah
    anyone whose seen the movies hopefully knows what i mean, and...
  4. im not sure yet

    I think/hope that the quests will be harder the higher lvl you are and more fun too
    like lvl 10's replenishing arrows or helping doctors by getting supplies
    and the the lvl 95's do fellowship size...
  5. that sucks

    are you sure you were on the right server?
    i just want to make sure
    also you can look at your characters when signed in on the forums
    if they arent there they were gone
    and im 99.9999999999999%...
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    Captain Levlling

    Due to the double xp weekend i shot from level 39 all the way to 46 in 4 days
    im f2p so thats impressive for me as it was all by skirmishes. My friend has advised me to get moria isengard and rohan,...
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    OK riders suck
    Go argos
    and Ontarian here
    play firefoot though
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