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    Medallion grinding options

    Returning to the game after a couple of years. What are good options for grinding 'medallions' for the level 85 BG set?

    I would prefer 1-3 player dailies and instances, but I will consider some 6...
  2. shield shield gambit-am I missing something?

    the only gambit that I see that uses two shields in a row is defensive strike. seems kind of pointless....
  3. Re: Please make a change to guild recipe cooldown timers.

    they would probably just put in a way to remove the cd entirely with enough pay to win points
  4. Only 3120 Pay to Win Points to remove relics safely

    assuming you get your legendaries at level 45, and replace them at 51,53,55,57,59,61,63 and 65 (and not including any extra details like first or second ages you may encounter along the way) at 195...
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    A small request

    I LOVE my warden.

    However, it would be really great if we had and interupt that was effective. When you see most inductions starting, but they time that you clear your previous gambit(either by...
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    Re: Recovery and Quick Recovery

    Quick recovery allows you to kite and spam conviction-which alllows wardens to do some pretty special things =)
  7. Re: What affect does overcapping blocking have?

    Thanks all. Isnt what I was specifically building for, but kind of happened along the way because I wanted the relics with incoming healing.
  8. What affect does overcapping blocking have?

    i thought that with guardians that it added to their partial block percentage. Does this work with wardens as well?

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    Re: Pre-Patch Download????

    i understand that prepatching MIGHT cause issues, but thousands of computerd deluging the update servers that have just had new content placed on them isnt any better.

    Just hope it is better...
  10. Attention Developers-Still no Axes for Dwarf Minstrels?

    I understand that it is not the highest priority, but Minstrel Axes should be craftable-first, second and third ages.

    I am really struggling to understand why so long after legendaries were...
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    Re: Increase the range of conviction

    Just to restate what others have said. Conviction is already one of the most elite skills in the game. It allows me to Main Tank and Main Heal most 3 mans. In 6 mans, I have had more than one min ask...
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    Updated Armor Sets from the new raid


    BULLROARER ONLY: Updated the bonuses for Warden's Defender of the West and the Captain's Cry of the West armor sets.
    Would anyone be kind enough to post the new armor sets?

  13. Re: What is so great about Grand Master Weapons Training

    I need to desparately disagree with most of what is said here. Like minstrels, tanks should be judged on their ability to perform when it gets bad. WotW is FANTASTIC for those situations.

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    Re: Warden Man Vs. Hobbit Vs. Elf

    By the numbers, man is clearly superior in groups. By the joy of the race, hobbits are win.
    I am a numbers guy.
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    Re: Important gambits you have forgotten?

    i recently rediscovered wall of steel. It is amazingly useful. I use that and shield mastery to max b/p/e.

    My regular rotation is eob, conviction, and wall of steel.

    Tier 2s and tier one...
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    Re: Best craft for a warden?

    Scholar is another very viable alternative. You will save a TON of gold by making your own power and morale pots.

    Wood sells for pretty cheap on the AH, so if you wanted to you could have a low...
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    Re: Warden Power Issues mid levels

    This will NOT help at mid levels, but one of the multi-outputs gloves from the Maledrim (sp?) is light armor and has a 15% chance of giving power on ANY damage. I put them on my warden a week ago and...
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    No experience points from deeds?

    I noticed on Monday that deeds are no longer giving experience points.

    Is this a known issue, working as intended, or somthing else? For example, I completed the deeds for doing both 10 and 20...
  19. Level 30 class quest-What the &*(()**^&* does jumping have to do with being a captain

    Let me get this right, the idea behind the level 30 class quest is that you need to be able to get lucky enough to press jump when you are exactly on the right pixel or you do not 'deserve' to get a...
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