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  1. Thread: Beleriand Damage

    by EV4D

    Re: Beleriand Damage

    So if you don't do endgame stuff (I only solo) then I should stick with Beleriand?
  2. Re: Took summer off - just got back and found new skills?

    I didn't realize that Blindside was now an interrupt. Wow! And Dazing Blow removes corruptions? Fantastic! No reason to stray away from my Hunter this winter....

    So glad to have people like you...
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    Re: Question on XP for tagged mobs

    Thanks for answering the question. The reason I asked is because I shot two arrows at a mob a guy was fighting (the character was lvl 64 and below half health). I really had NO idea that I would be...
  4. Took summer off - just got back and found new skills?

    Haven't played since April - back on for Fall/Winter and totally by accident I saw that I had three skills to purchase?
    1) When did this happen?
    2) Are they any good?

    And Kerryak, I would be...
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    Question on XP for tagged mobs

    If I am killing a mob (which is tagged to me) and somebody comes up and helps kills in, do I get less XP? Niether of us are in a fellowship
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