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  1. anyone with feedback, comments, suggestions in regards to if you wanted to sell a kin

    I guess I am mostly at this point looking for some feedback on the whole topic of selling a kinship in game to another player.

    Basis for this is that I own a kinship that is about 2 weeks away...
  2. Re: if i bought mines of moria before and and used my product key then why

    oh really? can you tell me then what is included with mines or moria? because i was under the impression after the game's base content; everything from there to moria was part of it? since moria in...
  3. if i bought mines of moria before and and used my product key then why

    is it that in game, today i'm in trollshaws, and it's asking me to unlock the zone? Shouldn't it be unlocked already since I BOUGHT THE EXPANSION IN A STORE???? I feel really perplexed by this.
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    Re: Who Disbanded PoME And Why?

    maybe someone should get in contact with a gm and find out if there's a way to "undo" a kin disbanding?

    Has anyone seen your leader on since? What if he was hacked or something?

    I mean... at...
  5. Re: [need help] getting some lockups - no CTD's, it just all locks up!

    hi there..not to bring up an old thread or anything...>> but...

    I have had this happen again today twice. :(

    To add to my previous experiences, I notice that at first the game does run just...
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    Re: Old man looking for kin.

    I'm positive there are many more illustrious kins than mine, but I am rebuilding mine. This means I'll probably end up with quite a lot of lower level kin for a while, but I do have a low level alt...
  7. Re: [need help] getting some lockups - no CTD's, it just all locks up!

    yeah i called my husband. he claims up and down that it has to be a software issue, but i think i'll double check connector parts. Though it might be noteworhty i haven't had an issue running...
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    Re: Free Peoples and Bounders:: RECRUITING

    hi hi. I'm back! I'll be working on getting funds together to buy a kinhouse soon. :3

    The Free Peoples and Bounders Kin was one of the first Bounder Oriented kins on the server back in the fall....
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    Re: Calling Crickhollow Kinship Leaders

    Just wanted to post on this too. I think Loot rules are extremely important when having multiple groups from different kins. If one kin has more people participating, they might think/feel that they...
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    Re: Calling Crickhollow Kinship Leaders

    I would like to give my applause to the OP. This is a great idea, and I have tried to tell people a long time ago. A server's community isn't just as good as it is in your personal kin. It's also the...
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    Re: The AH and You

    I agree that AH is a supply and demand and nothing more really.

    I have found some things don't sell that well; like tier one brimstone or agate.
    Then, some things sell excessively well like...
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    Re: What has happened to Elevenses?

    Yeah. Last night I dropped in after having not been in the shire for a good few months. Only saw 2 second breakfast folks, and maybe three or four hobbits.

    But, I think it's fair to note on...
  13. Re: Open Houses on Crickhollow - Post Your Address

    Astergrace's home is at 3 Myrtle Road. Forgot to mention I'm in Raingully as well. (shire) Feel free to visit anytime. Though I apologize up front for lack of seating. It's usually only ever me in...
  14. [need help] getting some lockups - no CTD's, it just all locks up!

    Hi. Ok.so recently, i had a problem where it locked every time i ran the game. Come to find out my hubby had adjusted one of hte cpu fans to a level where the video card was way overheating during...
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    trouble with auction house

    I am a premium user. I have submitted a ticket, but while I wait for a reply, I was thinking maybe someone else here in the community may have encountered this before and have helpful insight or...
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    Re: Forum Signature

    hi. I have the include signature box ticked in my options, but i'm not getting one of those nifty graphic images showing up with my char, server name and stats. Can anyone steer me right on this? XD...
  17. Re: Dwarf Guardian with Elf Hunter friend looking for Kinship

    Dunno if you joined that kin who posted before me or not, but Free Peoples and Bounders are precisely what you described in you post, OP. We'd be happy to have your and your friend with us. If you...
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    Re: Free Peoples and Bounders:: RECRUITING

    Well, only a handful of people in our kin actually have any interest in rp'ing. We have been satisfying this by attending the elevenses together. However, we are planning to launch a similar but...
  19. question - but i'm a premium player now so i dunno if this goes here?

    Ok. So, I am really enjoying the skirmish life. Recently, I hit lvl 30, and it opened up a possible Thievery and Mischief. This and the Amon Sul both require unlocking via the LOTRO store. My...
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    Re: Crickhollow Facebook group!

    I sent a join request. :3 I've been on FB for a long time regardless of online gaming habits. i tend to a lot of apps there, but i haven't been doing them since i started this game a few weeks ago. XD
  21. Tiers: how much do they ratched up the difficulty, and group size vs

    hi! I am actually here seeking information. I'm lvl 30, and I am really enjoying playing Seige of Gondamon and Trouble in Tuckborough. Last night for hte first time,we decided to try Seige of...
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    Free Peoples and Bounders:: RECRUITING

    Hi there! Your friendly hobbit bounder,Grace! (Astergrace) here! ((but, srsly, call me grace D<))

    Free Peoples and Bounders are a casual social kinship who will accept any level, race, or class....
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