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    Sad to say but I too am fed up with the Moors and...

    Sad to say but I too am fed up with the Moors and this game, especially after have been treated to ESO as a beta tester. I too will be cancelling my subscription. No sense in supporting a company...
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    The current state of PVP is the reason I will be...

    The current state of PVP is the reason I will be cancelling my six year subscription comes April (release of TES online). Have grown tired of the unbalance in PvP and the apparent indifference to...
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    Takes a bow

    My PvMP+ was off by 2k. I ranked yesterday and didn't even know it. O.O
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    Thanks, but it still a little early.

    I ranked? My stats say I need 401 infamy to go. Saving those for KBs on Redrod and Akturi.
  5. And why are you surprised?

    I'm still waiting for them to fix the old "trap around the burrow" skill that they said they'd fix and never did. Heaven forbid if they gave us creeps a little bit more CC to counter the massive...
  6. Really?

    What game are you playing? Only Wargs in Sprint mode can catch a horsed freep at distance, Reavers only if the freep is close and he is out of combat. Geesh, spoken like a whiny easymode only freep.
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    If you choose not to believe it, there is 0 we can do.

    Okay, turnabout is fair play. To Sapience and the other devs:

    Fact: On my server every creep is unhappy with the update. If you choose not to believe it, there is 0 we can do.
    Fact: By making...
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    Grats Drak!

    Was glad to be there in your raid to see you hit 12. Now onto rank 13!
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    We had two groups out creepside last night ...

    We had two groups out creepside last night Jimi's and mine. Together we had 26 creeps between the two groups, and a troll. Thought we did pretty well moving around the map in two different...
  10. Seriously Turbine, the new spider sounds need to be deleted!!!

    Not good. Horrible. Makes my ears bleed. You Developers let you five year old kids make game effect decisions or what? Can't believe the game testers weren't howling about this. We didn't ask for...
  11. Always have fun in a Drak raid, and that is the point of playing a game, no?

    First thing I check when I log in is to see if Drak is on. If he is then I know I'm going to have a good time. As to all the rest of the discussion some folks take this game a little too seriously....
  12. Provide a direct link to any upcoming/ recently released patch in the log-in screen

    Quit making us be Forum Detectives!! Seriously, most of us don't give a rat's pootie about upcoming in-game player events or the other dung you folks think interest us. But we care very much about...
  13. Re: Way to fail Turbine once again. Hope you Devs will finally buy a clue

    Oh, where do I begin. Burgs - two HIPS. Minis - two flops. Champs - a self-induced bubble. Weaver - a power drain skill that does ####. Tons of slows, stun and mezs freepside that are immune to...
  14. Way to fail Turbine once again. Hope you Devs will finally buy a clue

    Unfreaking believable is all I have to say about how unbalanced the Devs have made PVMP. Even the F2P players have given up. I have better things to do with my gaming time. One of which is called...
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    Re: Proposed Weaver Revisions

    "Perhaps we could have a new skill similar to Snap that removed some forms of Freep CC. Weavers already have a power drain and a large power pool for ourselves so why not modify that skill to allow...
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    Re: Proposed Weaver Revisions

    Re: Proposed Weaver Revisions
    Lethal Kiss
    Current: Moderate damage ranged attack that cannot be used while moving.
    -Usable while moving.

    I’ll take what I can get but truth be told rather see...
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    Re: Proposed Weaver Revisions

    Sounds okay. Still want my old hatchlings back and the ranged attack that came with them. Give us a third option for hatchlings: the old skill. Make the skill rank 6 like it was of old. Giving...
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    Re: Weaver's humble petition for better brood.

    Rank 11 Spider so I think my opinion counts for something - Give me back my old hatchling skill. And make LiW the rank 0 skill. The weavers have been nerfed big time.
  19. Re: Venomous Haze should be usable up to 30m, not 7.3m

    V Haze needs to be changed to fit both its tooltip description and the fact that it is a melee skill. If I were a Dev for a day I would change this so that it does as described: blinds freep...
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    Re: Moor hatchlings plz!!

    Signed with an exclaimation point
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    Re: Weaver Feedback

    How is this for Turbine awesomeness: Buy Strong Brood for 10k dp. Slot new class trait for 360 silver and the loss of one of your bread and butter class traits. Summon pet and see that it has...
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    Re: How to actually fix this update for weavers:

    What everyone is forgetting is that the new skill Hatchling removed from us high rank spiders a ranged attack. Granted it was only 200-300 damage but nevertheless it was an additional ranged attack...
  23. Good fighting Nannu. Those 1 vs 1 were fun.

    Had to use all my defiler tricks. Most of the fights were down to the last strike. Tip of the cap for keep coming back for more. I ended up getting zero infamy for the fights I won as the series...
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