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    Hell ya, great fracken news!! LOTRO was one of...

    Hell ya, great fracken news!! LOTRO was one of the last things still keeping me on Windows. Can't wait to try it.
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    Re: Thank you Lottery Masters!


    3 Cracked Sigils so far just from the lottery tokens being turned in for gift boxes and a bunch of skirmish marks which I've been using to get LI scrolls. Fireworks are always more fun...
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    Re: XMAS day steed giveaway

    I've been on since 9am est and haven't see one person say they've got one. Looks like a no show on Ark.
  4. Re: Just curious who from Arkenstone will be playing SWTOR next week!

    I might join the dark side in a few months. I plan on waiting to see how the game is progressing 3 to 6 months from now. Getting tired of paying for and investing time in failed mmo's if you know...
  5. Re: Patching is working now - 5 minutes after server down!

    Downloading ATM 3:30am pst.
  6. Re: Lords of a Fallen Empire (LOAFE) is recruiting!

    That URL doesn't work but I did find you here http://lordsofafallenempire.guildlaunch.com/ :)
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    Re: The Sigils of Arkenstone Kinships

    Edit: Nothing to add here.
  8. Re: Dev Tracker shows no response from Turbine on the Gold Spam epidemic!

    Yes I'm pretty sure they are working on it but the silence was getting deafening. Just fishing for a response or any sign of an acknowledgement.
  9. Dev Tracker shows no response from Turbine on the Gold Spam epidemic!

    Why? I know you love us so please tell us you are working on it, aware of it, or anything please.
  10. Re: Advice on which Quest pack to buy next (Lvl 40 mini)

    I don't know what F2P users have access to so this suggestion might not make any sense but...

    I would do skirmishes to get to 42 and then head into Forochel. As for my next purchase I would look...
  11. Re: Rise of Isengard .... No new 3 man 6 man or 12 man gamescom confirmation

    Skipping all the conversations going on in this thread.....

    Wow so I paid 30 bucks (40 really) just so I could level my character from 65 to 75 with a small amount of new content? I gotta say, I...
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    Re: So tired of listening to the drum...

    I too got tired of listening to the drum and bagpipes so I switched to the harp. I must say, I notice the savings in power a heck of a lot more than I notice the loss in ballad damage.
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    Re: What is up with Arkenstone?

    I haven't played today but yesterday I got disconnected twice and also had a mob disappear on me while I was killing him. I was only about 15m from his spawn location so I don't think it was a reset.
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    Re: Introductions and Free Turbine Points

    Hello my fellow freeps and creeps. Stoners FTW! (Arkenstone)
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    Re: Server Full : Arkenstone

    Try it again folks, I just got in.
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    Re: Server Full : Arkenstone

    Yep same here. Several tries so far, vip.
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