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  1. Re: Middle-Earth Pie (The day the Warden died)

    I enjoyed this very much, i got a laugh out of reading every line.
  2. Re: Yet Another returning player looking for a kin.

    im sure our kin can help you our name is pirates who don't do anything. you can send a message to templa, dynic, or dembor and we should be able to help you
  3. Re: AFK since 2008 - which Kin is right for me?

    lol glad to hear that. i don't know if any other officers have recruited you into the kinship because i haven't been on to check but just send me a message of the name of your character and ill...
  4. Re: AFK since 2008 - which Kin is right for me?

    you'll fit it with our kin we're small but we help our high level players acquire legendary items if you're interested send a message to dembor or templa our kin name is pirates who don't do anything
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    Re: LFF Kinship

    hi there i read your post up there and i would like to interview you for a membership in the pirates who don't do anything kinship. we're a small kin but we're very helpful and at high lvls we help...
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