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  1. Hi all, Just put an App in and got my toon out...

    Hi all,

    Just put an App in and got my toon out of the Prologue -- Amboodoor.

    He's an impressive 7 (shivers!). Hope you are enjoying your game and no hurries or worries here. I have plenty of...
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    Well a shame to have this "You have given out too...

    Well a shame to have this "You have given out too much Reputation in the last 24 hours, try again later."

    You all deserve it :)

    I'm actually getting better and reentering lotro from my downward...
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    Re: While Exploring Middle Earth

    2+ year break from MMOs and just started SWTOR. THIS thread topic (and others) is exactly why I'm thinking of coming back to lotro.
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    Feel Free to Laugh at Me =)


    Hi all,

    A few weeks ago I started up playing PvMP since SOA. I also was coming back from a year plus PVE break and have been getting my land legs back.

    So the short version is I'm an...
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    Dear Energizer, sorry for the corpse hop

    Hey E,

    Just accidentally hit space (jumped on you) instead of Alt+key for rallying howl. So sorry about that especially after sitting there waiting for your feign to time out. Thought that...
  6. Re: Not understanidng the social part of the game....

    Well my kindest advice is to learn now and quickly. Otherwise you will either get to end game and quit or roll an alt.

    It sounded like you did the one thing right when joining a kin (give) and...
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