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    Sticky: Kin: Chaotic Measures Leader: Aragorin...

    Kin: Chaotic Measures
    Leader: Aragorin
    Alternate Contacts: Grymz

    website: http://my.lotro.com/guild-866661458826565453/

    We are returning to the game and looking to recruit. We have been in an...
  2. Re: Just renewed my acct :) Looking for some running mates

    Chaotic Measures is a very small guild that focus on questing and crafting. We are trying to increase our numbers of active players so we can get into the raids and dungeons. Are main focus is to...
  3. Re: Need your thoughts on loot distribution in a pug raid.

    I haven't had the chance to run any raids or dungeons so I am not sure of game mechanics regarding group/raid looting. When it comes to rolls, does this game have a master loot setting were the...
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