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    i swear to god

    i swear to god dude if she makes a warden and wants to be a pure damage tossing dumbass javas around u shud slap the #### outa her seriously wardens are tanks thats thier only job thier dps is...
  2. crafting

    JEWELLER BE A JEWELLER seriously tho best damn way to make money at end game people will pay u hundreds of gold jus your guild cooldown man and plus if ur having trouble choosing most people have...
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    i love trolling these forums dude in the time it took you to make this post and wait for a reply couldnt u jus have checked all the servers there arent that many and any player worth his salt has...
  4. healing

    ok man yah ur inc healing jus effect YOUR inc healing for self heals u wanna focus on ur tact mastery and get some hp up for latter lvls and doin raids jus spam bolster courage my friend and ull make...
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    premium vs vip

    ok here we go again me personally i have never paid a dime for this game so this is gonna be biased as hell and remember u can farm tp/buy tp cards for igg and there are good ways to farm tp
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    this game IS dead

    love to bump this old thread cuz now the game is actually dead no1 at the high lvls play anymore even on the more populated servers i spent 2500tp to change from dwarrodelf only 100 people in glff on...
  7. Thread: DPS meter?

    by pillshatner

    dps meter

    im looking for a meter that shows every1s dps not just mine i know what mine is i wanna see other peoples and post it so i can show you why im removing you from my group im sick of all this talk that...
  8. same problem

    same issue here been like that for a while now been trying to log in for about 2 hours and no luck and its really really annoying since i just got the expansion and tryin to hit 85 it seems to happen...
  9. Thread: Raid loot

    by pillshatner

    Re: Raid loot

    dude that is dumb. if u did that SA would be worthless and so easy to get and ud be bored by week 4 of the update. People should have to do the hard stuff to get the end game gear. if this game turns...
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    any idea about orthanc?

    any idea what this maint fixed? id like to know becuase if they fixed the saruman bug deed id run it again and beat it to wear my gear. i dont even wanna go back in that place till i know its fixed...
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    Re: Beat saruman no deed

    dude thats nothing i didnt even crash or get knocked off and i didnt get my deed completed and for people saying oh well just wait for them to fix it. why shud i waste my money on stuff that doesnt...
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    This game is redicoulusly broken

    yah so tonight after 4 nights of 3-4 hours of fighting saruman on t1 i finnally cleared it only to notice after i get punted (AND LIVE) and i am ported to the bird and the chest that i can not put on...
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    Re: skill deeds not working?!?!

    yah it was a skill that was edited in the patch i tried hard last night to get it done before the patch cuz i was afraid of something like this happening but i couldnt use it 350 times lmao but i...
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    skill deeds not working?!?!

    so yah been tryin to get the class trait for merciful strike since the nice buff on the skill after about a hour of questing and yada yada i turned my tracker on and to my suprise its still where it...
  15. Re: Rise of Isengard Update/Patching Discussion - OFFICIAL

    wow i tried restarting my computer after being stuck on the infamous red X and examine programs and after i restarted computer instantly bam started patching it took 2 tries to connect 20% already
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