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    Actually, unless you work there at Turbine,...

    Actually, unless you work there at Turbine, you're also making assumptions. You don't know for sure any more than he does.

    Thanks. I went looking and managed to find it this time. That's a bit...
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    Maybe I missed it somewhere and if so can someone...

    Maybe I missed it somewhere and if so can someone kindly point me towards it. Has there been a detailed, technical description of what is being worked on today? I'm just curious as to the technical...
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    I, too, am experiencing this same thing. I've got...

    I, too, am experiencing this same thing. I've got 16gb ram, an SSD drive, an AMD Phenom II X4 3.4ghz, and an Nvidia GTX 570 at home. I get about 20fps in Snowbourn no matter if I'm on Ultra High or...
  4. Very well said. I think people are too quick to...

    Very well said. I think people are too quick to jump to the defense of Turbine which I also believe is the reason why the game has become the mess it is.

    Oh please. Your blatant use of...
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    Re: The Forgotten Company

    Our kin is currently small but we're very experienced. Most of us have been playing for four years or more and have experienced all of the end-game raids. Our current experience on raiding is:
  6. Re: Two nice "extra" things I'd like: skirmishes and more scaling

    To each his own. I'm not going to endlessly debate you over this since clearly you have your own stance on it, regardless of the "50%" figures that you're making up with no statistics to back you.
  7. Re: Two nice "extra" things I'd like: skirmishes and more scaling

    Touching the Rift at all runs the chance of it going from being the best LOTRO raid to it being garbage. There's a storyline to the Rift, just as there was to Helegrod before it was split, and...
  8. Re: Two nice "extra" things I'd like: skirmishes and more scaling

    I would disagree. I find skirmishes terribly boring and they're a cheap way for Turbine to "add" more content. I don't care for the current reliance on them in terms of using marks from them to buy...
  9. Re: Can someone explain to me why lotro runs choppy even after upgrading my pc?

    The problem is almost definitely with your hard drive. Even if you have a SATA 2 drive this game does an AWFUL job of streaming in new data. I think it has to do with it switching from low resolution...
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    Re: Finesse a.k.a. "Radiance 2.0"

    I'm not going to argue whether or not I think finesse = radiance 2.0 but I would like to contest the statements you made here.

    Radiance was just as much a stat as finesse is. Anytime there is an...
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    Re: Lost heavy shield use?

    You may not have caught the developer diary about the champ changes. If so I recommend reading through them because there are a lot more changes than just losing a shield :)
  12. Re: Rise of Isengard Update/Patching Discussion - OFFICIAL

    Hehe, this is "working as expected"? I can't imagine that you guys lowered your own expectations this much.
  13. Re: Voicing my concern: Guardian over Warden Superiority.

    Anytime I see people say something like this so close to release it just makes me want to /facepalm. Apparently you guys who believe that people should wait until it goes live have no idea how game...
  14. Re: How much would you rate,Rise of Isengard expansion?

    Whether or not someone posts in the beta forums has nothing to do with whether or not he is in the beta. I know people who have been playing this game since SoA beta and have never touched the LOTRO...
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    Re: How is finesse diffrent from Radiance?

    I understand how radiance and finesse appear on the surface different but I can think of a dozen ways that they're a lot alike. There's been the argument in this thread that a lack of finesse doesn't...
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    Re: Post-NDA PvMP info please

    I know, and it's a shame that they have the market cornered on this particular product/brand given that they seem less than interested in putting that money back into the same product. I don't follow...
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    Re: Post-NDA PvMP info please

    Just like how the entire last year's worth of income that tripled (http://news.softpedia.com/news/Free-to-Play-Increased-LOTRO-Revenue-Three-Times-177324.shtml) the revenue from the previous...
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    Re: Video Developer Diary : Dunland

    Turbine, you make me so sad. At 1:40 in the video I can clearly see you using ZBrush. Please please please please please please please please upgrade the engine so that it supports and uses normal...
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    Re: Planking Emote

    No. This idea is stupid. This is not Reddit, nor is this 4chan. This is LOTRO. Keep it LOTR based. Having the Moor Cowbell in there is bad enough as it is.
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    Re: Remove (advertisement?) login delay

    Thousands of programs do this on a daily basis and there are no issues with it, and usually those programs do it as an anti-piracy measure and are much more complicated than what has been suggested...
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    Re: Remove (advertisement?) login delay

    I spam the "Esc" key to skip over all of that stuff. With that in mind though I do agree that I kind of wish I didn't have to look at ads for a game that I already pay for. Usually when you are...
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    More use of normal maps/textures

    Turbine art team:

    As time has gone on since the initial release of LOTRO there have been lots of improvements to the visual quality of the game. I'm starting to feel that time is catching up with...
  23. Re: November Update Known Issues Revised List, Please Add to it.

    This also happens with the Captain's Rift helmet, exact same dye color as well.

    The arrow-in-the-hand bug has indeed been around forever. I see it mostly when I'm on my guardian and other people...
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    Re: [Plugin] KragenBars

    One addition I would love to see that I have yet to see in any plugin (unless I somehow missed it) would be a plugin for Lore-Masters to indicate when some of their skills are coming off of cooldown....
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