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    Re: Unreachable Quest NPC

    something similar happened to me last week in siege on gondamon. i "got ahead of the action" so to speak by killing the dragon before the dourhand dwarf could finish his drama dialogue with mathi....
  2. Re: Reduce Leveling Time or Add Side Kicking

    i like that sidekick system but i would propose it would not work so easily with lotro since you will need many of the higher level skills to compete effectively in endgame instances. Just imagine...
  3. Re: Is there a way to postpone game updating in lotro/how much bandwidth does it take

    you can postpone the update for as long as you wish but will not be able play until you are properly patched.
    i didnt keep track of exactly how large this one was but id guess it was 600MB or so. if...
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    Re: The goose that laid the golden egg - Is turbine going to kill it?

    i dont think this is a fair comparison: The alternative to F2P in the case of DDO would have been to pull the plug entirely which means no new content, ever... of course there is more new content...
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    Re: Really Rude Players

    ahhh well that DOES clarify things a bit ;) but whether or not your strategy was sound, the appropriate response is to offer suggestions and encouragement for the next try!

    in a word: YES....
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    Re: Really Rude Players

    although i disagree with how you handled the agro, i will defend to death your right to handle it!
    ..no... wait... thats not how that goes, but it's close!
    running an instance like that with an...
  7. Re: Make quests for over level 65 impossible without full sets

    im sure i MUST be misunderstanding you:

    we JUST got rid of gear-gating and it seems to me you are suggesting they reintroduce it - not just for instances but for ALL content?!

    if i seem...
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    Re: The goose that laid the golden egg - Is turbine going to kill it?

    you make some great points about the potential future of LIs, relics etc come the next expansion and i totally agree with new new relic scheme reducing the need or desire for grinding excessively....
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    Re: LOTRO and hard drive hitting

    yup, i agree :( i bought a 64GB SSD drive and while i did notice a radical improvement in hitching and load times, i couldn't install more than 1 or 2 games at a time and there was no space for music...
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    Re: aged scraps of text

    a 'node' is something u walk up to and click on to harvest resources. they disappear after you harvest them. you should have a tracking skill that lets you track scholar resources [nodes] on the map:...
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    Re: Steady hands -- how useful is it?

    i never thought i would say this but...

    i agree with that shamwow guy!

    it can be really useful and a time saver in a pinch but it is quick enough with our new and old skills alike to sink...
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    Re: The influx of stupidity.

    i concur with much of the OP: thing have gotten bad on every server i play on! there are more than a few turds floating around the internet with no money, no life and no decency. online games...
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