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    I tried this new fight on critical rating with...

    I tried this new fight on critical rating with the legacy up at maximum rank, all I got was 15 points extra per heal when it was a critical heal. I'm a level 55 champion, so this looks like a next to...
  2. Deep ale fest

    Fantastic, I had a great time.
    Well done to all who organised the event.
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    Dwarf roleplay

    Hi there lad,

    I often travel the road from Thrain's Square to Bree, and back, Mining and traiding my goods. If I see you on the road, Ill stop for some roleplay.
  4. Re: The Defeat at Gondamon (The War in Ered Luin, Event 2)

    Lets us remember those who died this day. Lets us remember their honour.

    I for one suffered severe battle wounds, and had to be dragged from the front lines by my kinsmen. For one moment, I...
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    Re: Why are the servers still down?

    Picture the scene;

    tech guys frantically pulling wires out the back of servers.

    behind them, red faced managers wielding large sticks.

    and behind them, thousands of players screaming for...
  6. Re: Windy Acres Ranch Winter Derby Horse Race - Monday, Jan 23 at 3pm EST

    It was an honour to take part, great fun, and of course to prove we dwarves can actually ride..hehe
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