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    A bit of satire on a Wednesday afternoon

    I took some liberties in a certain letter that made me laugh really hard a while ago. I'm sure many of you can remember the letter and I was wondering what a new one would look like....I'll begin...
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    Re: Rise of Isengard a candidate for the worst year expansion?

    It all boils down to the fact that since f2p we've been promised more but consistently been given less. Argue all you want about quest numbers and expansions and all the bells and whistles. Pure and...
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    Re: Distract causing agro on resist.

    Hi Orion I think he's referring to the very common and annoying bug during Draigloch that he often becomes un-attackable (unassailable?) during the very last phase of the fight i.e. below 1 million...
  4. Re: I am getting REALLY tired of being spammed these nasty emotes!

    Screenshot or it didn't happen. I'm calling a big pants on fire moment here.
  5. Re: Draigoch Bug, Customer Service Fiasco and a General Complaint.


    I find it inexcusable for them to
    1. knowingly release a broken raid (they've known about it since at least release if not before)
    2. Do nothing about it
    3. not give the power to GMs...
  6. Re: I am getting REALLY tired of being spammed these nasty emotes!

    If someone stood behind you and made rude noises as you walked down the street, they would be penalized? I'm sure glad I don't live in a country where rude people are beaten or nastily penalized. ...
  7. Re: I am getting REALLY tired of being spammed these nasty emotes!

    +1 rep to you sir

    The gloves are off now. Funny how the admins close a parody thread about grumpy old codgers but allow the vitriolic spewing of nonsense to continue here. Toad Essence FTW!!!!
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    Re: Destiny Points Not Being Awarded

    Its a giant conspiracy to make you spend TP on buffs and things you could normally buy with destiny pure and simple. The only way to get DP after 65 now is to PvMP or to do runs of things like...
  9. Re: Petition to make the memorial of the Gaunt-Lords a Large Yard Item

    Yes, it has been changed. It is now enormous such that it is worthy of the enormous yard slot requirement, however I still have to ask about the logic of having a reward given to players that can...
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    Re: Carn Dum: Slug Slayer Deed?

    I can testify that I have completed the hidden Carn Dum slug slayer deed without ever once touching a slug in the shire. I also know several other kin mates that have completed it without ever doing...
  11. Re: Year+ gone account, can you just buy another house and let the old one fot away??

    AFAIK the price of the past upkeep should never exceed the total price of the house when first purchased. That means that the price you'd pay with upkeep from a year+ will be either identical or...
  12. Thread: Creepside Q&A

    by DrSativa

    Re: Creepside Q&A

    I would very much like to see a retroactive infamy/glory points return if the major changes to questing in the moors actually take place. It shouldn't be hard to reward points for having completed...
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    Re: What Swift Travel would you most like?

    The absolute worst due to all the book quests my 4 characters have had to endure has got to be the Rivendell to Thorenhad run. Everytime I have to do that one, I go make a nice drink or even go for...
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    Re: Festival tricks

    First off, let me state I don't condone egregious griefing in the case of someone deliberately trying to stop people from doing something like a dance quest. However, I am so sick of the whining in...
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    Re: What happens if I try to go to the Moors?

    There is no Turbine sanctioned overland path to the moors. If you break the border boundaries by trying to get there, you will have violated the terms of service and are liable to get banned from...
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    Re: Best kinship names you've ever seen

    I am the proud leader of the Creep Tribe

    Mordor on the Dance Floor

    on Evernight. One of my favs. I've always liked the name of a Freepside kin on our server.

    From Dutch Til Dawn

  17. Petition to make the memorial of the Gaunt-Lords a Large Yard Item

    So, not only did I not receive the Ost Dunhoth War Steed as a reward for completing the meta-deed for In their absence, but to add insult to injury, the yard item you get as a reward can only be...
  18. Ost Dunhoth War Steed Removed From Meta Deed

    I'm really hoping that posting this in the General Discussion will give it a bit more much needed attention. Medallion grind aside, it was a real incentive for me and others to see that there was...
  19. Re: Population on EU servers compared to US servers

    As far as I can see, Evernight is bustling still. If you're solo, you might have a hard time in PUGs, but thats gonna be true for almost any server. Calling a server dead, especially Evernight is a...
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    Re: No more prized ost dunhoth war horse? :(

    I filed two tickets yesterday asking for clarification on the issue. The GM response as usual of late was a completely canned response that first said that it was WAI and to check out the lorebook...
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    Re: I love that new forum smell :)

    Smells like dank hobbit feet already. Ban the midgets!
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