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    Can't Login as of 2:!5 pm central time

    I keep getting the error, "Error logging in! Connection closed"... Anyone have any idea when this problem will be fixed?
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    Allow Conversion of Medallions to SEALS at an APPROPRIATE price

    Seals have been around for a long, long time. The seals I have earned long before I was ever level 95 were NOT earned during ANY raids since it is so time consuming and difficult to get 12 players to...
  3. Has Server outage been extended BEYOND 2 pm today, 12/16/2013?

    It is 2:09 Eastern time, and I still cannot login to the LOTR game.... Has the outage been extended?
  4. Update 5 Skirmish Problem - Crossbow not working correctly

    I was doing the Siege of Gondamon skirmish (Tier 1) as a level 59 Hunter with legendary weapons. I noticed that when I use my crossbow, I am now CHARGING the enemy instead of just shooting the arrow...
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