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  1. Ok found it, needed to go back to Mead Hall

    Didn't think to go back to mead hall with only three
  2. Quest Empty Chairs in Kingstead- where is the fourth keepsake

    I can only find 3 keepsakes at Magla's house where is the fourth
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    So am I

    Is there one main server which the launcher checks for details of the others, because that is what it looks like here. If that is what turbine are doing it needs to be a failover server with a...
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    I am getting the same problem on Windows 7, the actual code is a standard windows code, which shows the client cannot access the queue (you get this error when you try to access an object in windows...
  5. You do not have permission to use that when trying to speak to Thrymm

    I have attempted this quest 12 times (12 horns in inventory) I have died about half the times and "succeeded" about half the times. After each failure I cancelled the quest and started again after...
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    Just do Balewood

    When you finish Balewood, you get sent to Cyneberg in High Knolls and that finishes the High Knolls quests
  7. High Knolls- Time to Think - What is the trick to doing the quest

    I have stood at the Thinking Spot and thunk and looked repeatedly, I have also gone to the cliff edge and done it but no matter how many times I /think and /look nothing happens and I have nowhere...
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