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  1. Thread: Swtor f2p

    by llprnzs

    Game is thriving....I think the initial looky...

    Game is thriving....I think the initial looky loos log in every now and then but as of late there are multiple instances of locations do to the high number of people playing at a given time....Their...
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    Re: Treasure Hunter Pick Axe Lotto???

    way to go TURBINE...I love when a company goes out of their way to annoy customers.......I know lets make a small sneak preview BUT lets only make it for 2 hours on a patch day and i know lets do it...
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    Re: Lucky horseshoe?

    and yet they went as far as to even say it is working as intended in the upcoming expansion (Rise of Isengard), and would be used in the epic quest line......hmmm Legendary items will grow with you...
  4. Re: Steed of the Hunter, hidden hints and free stuff!

    will the rearing allow the horsie to kick mobs? yes please....
    and yea SaPi, we have discussed this for a while now...but if you want props for starting yet another thread on this item, then so be...
  5. Re: As JEWELERS (or tinkers), are you guys getting the Mervach Sigils (the new flakes

    Just casual leveling and harvesting nodes every now and then turned up 16, which I just threw in Shared storage... I guess Ican sell them, but never really found a reason to sell stuff(maybe the pack...
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    Re: Draigoch and Kinetosis

    just my 2 copper(im poor)...I have heard others complain lately since ROI that they were getting dizzy or sick during some raid skirmishs.....Ill try to pay attention to what skirms... But maybe...
  7. Re: Watch out for Evil Ninja Stalak!! Tansfering to a server(Silverlode) NEAR you!

    We have one of those guys on Brandywine... Been around since game started pretty much, and still people group with him then complain about him...kinda funny and sad now....I really enjoy when he...
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    Re: Future Sale: Storage!

    I will PAY!!!! and please please can i haz a few more cosmetic slots....my toons have many different outfits...and with ROI, there are like 3 new sweet outfits to slot....so either more storage a...
  9. Re: Those hunter mounts are overpowered... its not fair...

    I am off to buy my flying hunter horse now...............cant wait for the Burgler steed next month, the one that does NOT break stealth.....
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    Re: Hunters will fail in Post RoI moors. fix plz?

    I agree with lendas, I too agree that PVMP should be removed from this game.....problem solved.....
  11. The Doors of EVOLUTION have finally opened.....

    Hey all,
    Evolution is a Raid group that has been raiding together since game started from Rift to OD... As with all good things, some of our group have moved on. And because of this we now have...
  12. Re: OK..What is going on with ROI and Legendaries?

    Same argument, different day....You progress, you upgrade....Some find it hard to move on some times....
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    Re: Attack at Dawn Skirmish - Missing Encounters

    That explains it to me... I have always gone in and destroyed all mobs in front of west, center, and east gate, then hit the control flags....and not see the other counter attacks.....so We just have...
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    Re: When is a Warden preferred over a Guard?

    I think if a Warden had Snap agro on a timer like a guardian, they would be used alot more then currently.. Just my opinion though.
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    Re: OD Poison Wing, Best Debuffs/Buffs to use?

    Thank you. I was hearing a few different views or ideas that he could be rooted, and I just couldnt see how. And yea I have found that the Tank can keep him pretty much in place as well, as the...
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    Re: OD Wound WIng, Group make up for each Alley?

    Thank you for the quick responses, and well informed ones at that.. :)
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    OD Wound WIng, Group make up for each Alley?

    Again thank you for any input you can add. I am trying to refine our Strat on Wound WIng Challenge mode. What are groups using (as in classes or numbers) in the three different alleys(Corridors).....
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    OD Poison Wing, Best Debuffs/Buffs to use?

    I was curious, to make sure I am not missing anything, What groups are using on Poison Boss in OD. I understand the mechanics of the fight, But I am wondering what groups are using to keep Boss in...
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    Re: Tanking Durchess debuff bug???

    Ill just throw this out too.. From my experiences, Durchest has a perceived agro target and a Physical agro Target.....he seems to go for the perceived agro target to swipe at...
    The max 210%...
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    Re: Three cheers for the Turbine staff!

    I just want to chime in and say thank you for fixing the problem. I know about 10 from my kin that stopped playing in the last 2 months due to the lag and wasted raid nights.. They went to RIft...
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    Re: Getting occasional blue screens...

    I will offer some advice (from it happening to myself)....What is your power supply? how many watts? now a days with these MMO's i "think" that you need 750w min..i myself am using a 1200 corsair...
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    Re: Threat stance broken?

    I believe also that as the pather is coming into range and getting into the fray he "sees" the hunter's Dps and thus feels that the hunter is more of a threat until a challenge or aoe shield skill is...
  23. Re: Elebrandir's Horseshoe - What the devil does it do?

    Recently a dev posted that the horseshoe will finally do something, and it will be used in a upcoming book quest....they were vague but did say "Finally"..So I am to assume that it is used for the...
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    Re: Master Loot broken

    I also heard something about a 2 minute window to distribute loot? true?
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    Re: The Fellowship and their classes

    I just wanted to point out Boromir was a Guardian (Sword and board FTW), and upon his immenent death the horn he was blowing was his plus one hope horn (Horn of the darowder(SP). Although he spammed...
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