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    Fangorn Forest - A Tolkien Fan's Concern

    Although I am, overall, very excited about the upcoming Riders of Rohan expansion, one detail that keeps nagging at me is the treatment of Fangorn Forest. According to the Massively interview with...
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    Re: LOTRO "Mithril Edition Starter Pack"?

    I hope this is eventually offered in North America too. Even though I already ordered the expansion, I like having a boxed copy of all my games.
  3. Re: Neue Herr der Ringe Online Boxen - Mithril Edition (Starter Pack)

    Das sieht sehr schön aus. Ich hoffe, dass dies auch in Nordamerika angeboten wird.
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    Re: If there aren't any new instances......

    I can't imagine Turbine releasing a $30+ expansion without any new instances besides a lair raid that was due a few months ago. However, I do find it troubling that there has been no mention of...
  5. Re: Turbine, ifyou want money fron this lifer VIP you need to.......


    Threre are very few things currently in the LOTRO Store that I have any interest in buying, especially consumables that have no permanant effect.

    Improved housing decorations and...
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    Re: Enhance Swimming

    While I understand where MoL is coming from, I definately agree with the original poster.

    For me, the biggest draw to this game is the theoretical idea of eventually being able to explore every...
  7. Re: What are you looking forward to see in Volume III: Book 3?

    I doubt we will see another land zone until Book 4.

    Book 3 will most likely bring us another instance cluster and raid. Prior to completing the last epic storyline I had expected that to be...
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