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  1. - Will there ever be any revamp of the character...

    - Will there ever be any revamp of the character creation system (new models, more hair styles, more faces...)?

    - Will we ever see some content from the Silmarillion, in session-play or any other...
  2. Sticky: I confirm it works like a charm. Could...

    I confirm it works like a charm.

    Could somebody please add this to the first post?
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    Re: Inventory Plugins Issue

    Read all the thread so far, so posting my 2 cents just to confirm I experienced the very same symptoms using FilterBag (every version of the plugin released after November update)
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    Re: Introductions and Free Turbine Points

    Yo. Freep here.
    My favourite class is the Hunter, but so far I tryed just Hunter and Champion (lvl 10)
    I'm almost new to LOTRO, but came from two weeks of dreadful EU servers.
    Here you are a shot...
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    Sticky: Re: Looking for a Kinship? Post here.

    Your name, or character name and race: Rachir, Human
    Age: 33
    Preferred server(s), if any.: Riddermark
    Location.: I'm in Italy, and play at 13.30 - 15.00 and 21.00 - 23.30 CET
    Playstyle: Solo and...
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