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    Re: Instance finder

    You hit Shift-F to open the panel or click the ^ on the left of the task bar.

    Then you select your preferred role and group size and wait.... a long time...

    I managed to get into the defence...
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    Re: Greetings From Australia!

    Silverlode is probably not the most populated server but if you have a character there give us a shout.

    Waltzing Matilda is a small family orientated Kinship based in Australia. (Bendigo, Brisbane...
  3. Re: I'm having troubles with begining the game

    You probably need to equip the weapons you found in the satchel.

    Then right click on the NPC to start the combat.
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    Re: Seeking a "Kinship".

    The Waltzing Matilda Kinship on Silverlode is very active and looking for new players.

    But since we are based in Australia we are probably asleep when you are online. Although we started...
  5. Re: Which server have more ppl from Asia or Australia ?

    There are also at least two Australian New Zealand Kinships that I know of on the Silverlode server.
    Including our own Waltzing Matilda for low to mid level characters. The other kinship is called...
  6. Re: downloading: standard vs high defefination

    Here is a comparison of a character using low raz and Hi rez:

  7. Thread: Premium

    by Onda-Derthad

    Re: Premium

    To go from free-to-play to Premium all you need is to purchase a Turbine Points either from a gift card or online using the offered payment methods.

    You would be much better to get at least a one...
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    Re: Monitor? Game? Video Card?

    To me this sounds like a Video Synch problem.

    Go to the Options (Ctrl-O) and see if the Synch is turned on or off. Just change the setting.
    Depending on your system it needs to be turned on or...
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    Re: Looking for possible raid partnership

    We would be interested but the Time Zone difference might be a problem. We are a small Kinship with members between levels 25 and 40.
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    Re: Introducing me :)

    The http://waltzing-matilda.guildlaunch.com Kinship is a small Rank 6 family friendly and mature group.
    We will get access to a Kinship House in a couple of weeks.

    We always welcome new and/or...
  11. Re: Suggestions for New Players: Making a Man outta a Noooooob

    Some of the things I wish I knew when I first started playing LOTRO:

    Start your 1st character of any race, any class and any server. Play your first session but don't get too emotionally attached...
  12. Re: Annoying pop-up skill descriptions in combat

    You can also make all pop-up tooltips show at a fixed place out of the way by configuring the UI
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    Re: Make an alt, grind tp how about 60?

    The highest price you pay for TP is a $10 card for 750 TP
    That's 75TP per $1

    If you say it takes you 3 or 4 hours to grind 60 TP think about how much it costs you.

    One of the worst job I can...
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    Re: Server Logon problem

    For some reason it wouldn't let me post an answer earlier. But here is something I found in a tech forum related to a trace error called "Destination Protocol unreachable"
    It may or may not apply...
  15. Re: Can use debit card to upgrade my account ?

    I subscribed to VIP using a VISA Debit card. No problems as long as you enter the exact same address as your bank has on file.
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    Re: Server Logon problem

    Same problem.. searching for logon server 20/20 then quit.

    But after trying the things outlined in tech support I found out that I can logon to another world without any problem. I was able to...
  17. The New Masterchef by Refnar of Silverlode

    The New Masterchef by Refnar of Silverlode - Waltzing Matilda Kinship

    All the information available in various Guides is obsolete since the changes made by Turbine to the Crafting Rules.
    Refnar -...
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    Re: How do I aquire traits?

    There are a number of good guides about Traits, Virtues and Deeds.

    You can start with this one:

    then read this:
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    Re: Extend the inactivity timer

    If I want to write a long post then I use Notepad and paste it on the forum when I am satisfied with my writing.
  20. Re: The Free Company merchants guild - a Laurelin RP kinship

    Great idea. Just about what I had in mind for the Silverlode server.
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    Re: Is two farmers too many?

    I would chose an Explorer as my main character. The Explorer is self sufficient and can supply all your Alts with Ore, wood and leather. I use the Vault to deposit those.

    If you want some food and...
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    Re: Questions About Kinships

    It means that a kinship with less than eight characters will be cancelled after 5 days.

    You could form a new Kinship with your main character and have 7 Alts to join it to make up the numbers....
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    Waltzing Matilda is Recruiting

    We are a small family Kinship dedicated to Crafting.

    When I first started playing I was invited to join a couple of Kinships.
    Unfortunately most were populated by a large number of level 65...
  24. Re: Kiwi's, Aussies and other Insomniacs (Nemesis)

    I am sorry about leaving but as you know I am much lower level than all the other members of Nemesis and I felt that the kinship didn't have anything to offer to my play style.

    I started my own...
  25. Re: "One system to rule them all!" Or "Show me your rig, I'll show you mine."

    Sitting at that desk where the keyboard is would be extremely uncomfortable with no leg room at all.
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