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    Where has Sarharien been?

    Update on my blog (link below)... I'm planning on returning to check out RoR content (I heard it was delayed to sometime in October?), but until then, my blog explains where I've been hiding.

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    What?!? You're leaving ME with the keys to the...

    What?!? You're leaving ME with the keys to the kinhouse? :D


    I feel a sudden urge to re-decorate... maybe in PINK! :P

    (Relax, pink is just RED mixed with a little bit of...
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    Re: A gift to Dwarrowdelf

    Hat and skirt off to you both for a great entertaining video. :) Good laughs all around. Well done ;)
  4. Re: Game Crashing Since Update 7 - Unplayable

    If you're running nVidia vid card, I know personally that I had upgraded to the latest non-beta drivers BEFORE update 7... (something like GeForce 292.XX or higher - can't remember for sure)

  5. Re: Why do you people say First Ages aren't worth it?

    ...until those with 1As get their own 3-crystals and apply them to their LIs, and then widen the gap again to essentially the same point spread that existed before crystals. ;)

    Only to have by...
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    Re: Eriador Triathlon - Serverwide Event

    Gah - I only found out about this after my brutal 3 weeks at work >.< Here's hoping you hold it again sometime! Grats to you for hosting, and to all who participated!

  7. Re: Fireworks bugged - or Bree just overloaded...

    I ran up and down the full road from west gate to south gate 3 times, and eventually spot 6/6 showed up outside the crafting hall door. Yeah, it took me 10 minutes, but another kinmate got it in <3...
  8. Three things Sar won't touch in Middle Earth...

    Find out the answer to this question, and more interesting facts as I re-start my regular Dwarrow-blog of Red!

    Great to be back :D
  9. Re: Error > Unable to decrypt and de-serialize the data downloaded from the server

    Thank you kindly, Finglonger. For some reason sub-topic searching kept bringing me back to the entire forum list ALL day yesterday - would never actually return search results. Your solution...
  10. Error > Unable to decrypt and de-serialize the data downloaded from the server

    Earlier this morning (about 8 hrs ago), I launched LOTRO client, and it patched up to Update 6 (since I've not been online for a month). Everything went fine during the update process - no errors,...
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    Re: Pick on Toa Day?

    Over my dead, red body you will. ;)

    I finally get my system patched and ready to come back and share my flaming arrows with your targets, and you talk of leaving? I think there's enough...
  12. Re: There and Nowhere Again: A Forum's Tale. By the Citizens of DD

    ...shiny device of the sonic variety. Feeling that against all odds he was about to become lunch, he pushed the button clearly marked in tiny print: "Press not this button of desirable pressing, for...
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    Re: Presenting to you for the first time...

    Hilarious minstrel fun as always. Sadly Acid the bride wasn't dressed in bacon wraps - Doomsie how did you let him get away with that? May you enjoy many happy munchies in the future, and may your...
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    Merry Christmas Dwarrowdelfians!

    Wishing all my fellow peeps, freeps and creeps, a very blessed and joy-filled holiday season! I also encourage you to reach out to your family and friends and loved ones, and tell them how much they...
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    Re: Thinking of transferring

    I'm here... isn't that enough? ;) xoxo

    Seriously though... I'd read through the top 10-12 forum posts for Dwarrow, both in the "general" area where you posted this thread, and in the PVMP...
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    Re: Seriously?!? The raid that wasn't...

    Exactly. Getting it done on my alt is just a "nice to have", but not the be-all of her existence. It's a not bad instance now with the less morale and had it not bugged and we had descent DPS,...
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    Re: Dwarrow Secret Santa!

    Awesome idea :) A chance at some real canadianbacon?



    UP !!

    :D >> Sarharien <<
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    Re: Seriously?!? The raid that wasn't...

    Glad you enjoyed. ;)

    I'm always better a day after such "poor showing" moments. Good to bring a little humor to something that at the time was frustrating. Helps keep my perspective a bit more...
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    Seriously?!? The raid that wasn't...


    They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I think our raid party certainly filled...
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    Re: Best In Their Class!

    I'm quite certain your fingers just slipped there a bit... so I edited what I know you meant to type. ;)

    And I have been about, just in a different, fuzzier red than you're used to (mostly dyed...
  21. Re: It's official, life may now return to regular programming...

    Manly?!? Puleeez. Just because we have a nice cosmetic system that doesn't have us running around in armoured-bikini-wear, is no excuse for you being unable to tell that I'm a femminite elf.

  22. It's official, life may now return to regular programming...

    THANK YOU to kinnies and friends that ran Draigoch with me today. I now feel my character is fully complete. I am now officially known by that which I have always been known... my...
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    Sticky: Re: Show us your favorite cosmetic outfit

    I have found many of these items also drop (as BoE) in various "other yellow forms" from humanoid mobs in Dunland. They're not called the same thing, but they are the same pattern and dye the same...
  24. Oct 26 - Dwarrow server hiccup 10:50pm PDT

    Anyone else experience a complete kick from Dwarrow about 1050pm Pacific Time tonight?
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    Re: Your "ROI" on ROI so far?

    I have loved RoI from the very first day. I power leveled my first character in 3.5 days, and have taken my time with my other toon that was at L65, and just got her to 75 last week. Both play...
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