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    Re: Minstrel no longer my main if beta changes stay

    Meh, its all a bit petty really on the whole. I cant say im looking forward to the changes personally, I havent played beta and im not adverse to change, but the age old saying "if it aint broke,...
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    Re: Visual Guide To Minstrels in Rise of Isengard

    LotRO is a game, but none-the-less a business, the dev's are paid employees of that business who get paid to develop the game within their specific area's, the minstrel as is, is practically perfect...
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    Re: Ballad/Anthem/Coda

    And which part of this glorified nerf was it that you were not expecting, all the minstrel really needed was a boost to healing output and it would have been nigh-on perfect.

    So now basically for...
  4. Re: Rerurning player thinking of rerolling as Warden... should I?

    Ill probably take a slating for this but here goes.

    I Have a LvL65 Warden and Mini and most of the other classes above LvL25, I loved the warden and I can do some truly awe-inspiring things with...
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