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    game connection problem?

    An update error occured:
    unable to decrypt and de-serialize the data downloaded from the server.

    --now, im sure this means something, i just dont know what.
    --does anyone know? or has had the...
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    So long, and thanks for all the Fish

    dear Firefoot,

    Playing lotro has been amazing. It started as a new way to explore Tolkien's world (i own all lotr games), but has evolved into a orc-slaying rampage across middle-earth. Well, as I...
  3. Re: Loremaster - Watcher, Hele, Anni gear...... what will YOU be wearing?

    cosmetics for all the new sets r sexy in the moorz. I was out as the purple power ranger being backed by markvornn, the goldish power ranger. One of each class should complete the team :)
  4. Re: Your standing with the Grey Company is now Kindred.


    .........i hav done a total of 3 quests in endewaith........................anyone for lib/skool?
  5. If this doesnt help me get better at pvp..........


    if this doesnt improve my pvp, i dont know wat will :(
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