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    After reading .........

    After reading these posts and listening the dev chat, and looking at my own anger and frustration, I have concluded this........

    I think that turbine devs have an interesting way of dealing with...
  2. but it worked for over seven years that way and...

    but it worked for over seven years that way and well too!
  3. Why did turbine remove the joystick option

    Suddenly the joystick option is no longer available and mouse keys 1 and 0 can no longer be remapped. What the #ell is wrong with you people, did you think it was cheating?
    I spent six years in this...
  4. reason to leave lotro

    up until today 3/6/14 I was playing lotro and have invested time and money for about the last six and a half years. Then the devs removed the option that made it possible for me to play lotro,,,the...
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    battle of the ford book quests

    please remove the pinky finger of the dev who made this book quest so that he/she will give more thought to this type of useless quest IN THE FUTURE! that this is both pointless and costly. it is...
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