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  1. Re: Scroll of removal - Please admit when you are wrong and change in Update 5

    Add me to those that would like a reversion on this.

    It was a major factor in my terminating my VIP sub.

    Which I couldn't provide feedback on in the exit survey given the survey forces the...
  2. Re: Why are we helping the White Hand in Galtrev instead of killing all of them?

    Thanks for the information.

    But, if the quest requires that characters either lie or agree to perform immoral acts, even if they later manage to avoid some or all of the immoral acts, that's...
  3. Re: Why are we helping the White Hand in Galtrev instead of killing all of them?

    Thank you for the additional information.

    I will look into things further if time permits before my renewal date. But if expansion quests require that my characters agree to further immoral acts...
  4. Re: Why are we helping the White Hand in Galtrev instead of killing all of them?

    Ends do not justify means.


    Tolkien would be horrified at the violence being done to his vision.

    More moral erosion in the game post Warner Brothers. What a surprise.

    I came here to...
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    Re: Turbine is not P2W

    Guaranteed the driving force behind all of that is Warner Brothers.

    And yes, it is grating to see that they obviously are capable of identifying the elements of their game that are irritants and...
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    Yep Nerfed, But Still of Some Use

    The tarts did get nerfed, but, when a full accounting is made they are still of some use for some situations.

    This is just a sample of the data I collected, to get others started. (I'd include...
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    Ongoing Glitch

    Putting in the tokens for the weekend was very nice.

    But, this is an ongoing glitch. They need to revise the procedure on these events so that the NPC stays around at least as long as the event. ...
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    I'd also like my VIP Login Please

    A primary feature that we are paying for as "VIPs" is the preferential treatment in the login queue.

    And yet there is NO login queue for Brandywine at this time (5:22 pm EST 11/27/10).

  9. Thread: Dynamic Layer

    by Caitlyn

    Re: Dynamic Layer

    Outside of the desolation issues THAT is the central problem.

    Resolving it corrects the problem with shifting players who are outside of town.

    Removing players from their instance especially...
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    Getting Data Centers...

    6:53 PM EST.

    Multiple login attempts. Including complete reboot of pc.

    Consistantly hanging at what appears to be stage three of the login process:

    Getting Data Centers.

    Given I seem to...
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    Nice work

    Kind of Rhyaehar to have taken the time to put together a sound list of suggestions. The responding comments also merit followup.
  12. Re: What thread *specifically* should we be reporting forum issues and bugs in?

    Patience and Web Dev Team,

    I'm afraid that's not very helpful.

    On my connection, which is the best available for residential customers in my major urban area, it takes literally a minute or...
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    Add me to the list please

    I don't have an old alpha account kicking in to further muddy up things, but please put both my husband and me down on this one.

    I hate to kick a geek when he's down - really - been there, done...
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