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  1. | "Ilfrin Qeussir en Tel'Ithil" | "Immortal Elves of the Moon" | EU

    Ilfrin Qeussir en Tel'Ithil

    Leader: Lothidir Gilneasu
    Members: 20
    Created: 13-1-2013
    Rank: 3
    RP: Med-Heavy
    Timezone: EU GMT+1
    Racial: Only Elf
  2. Thankyou Khalis cya ingame ^^

    Thankyou Khalis cya ingame ^^
  3. LF Med-Hev RP Elven Kinship - Q: Laurelin Server

    LF: Any European Rp elven kinships out there or anyone want to make one? Couldnt find any on Landroval..

    - Nvm this qeustion found already.

    Q: Ive been playing this game for 1 year now on...
  4. LF Med-Hev RP Elven Kinship - Q: Laurelin Server

    -Ignore this one plz accidently posted it twice-
  5. Replies

    European kin: High Elves of Lothlórien

    Hello there,

    I just started a kinship yesterday, already got 10+ players on it.
    Everyone is welcome, feel free to join ^^
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