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    Re: Skirmish Soldier?

    The archer works well if you like sneaking/SS stabing.

    You just need to be quick to apply RW, distraction, aim while sneaking > 70% sneak speed then get your 1st hit off as soon as you get in...
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    Re: Leaf Walker at lvl 10

    My guess is you will need to use an attack skill from stealth 1500 times with a maxium of 50 uses per day.
    So if you are a fast leveler, you still might be level 50 by the time you get it. :D
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    Re: My Lvl 18 Burg

    And this will be especially easier once you get startling Twist at level 20.
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    Re: Surprise strike trigger time changed

    That makes more sense. You don't want to break stealth until the actual strike occurs.

    If the damage did happen before the animation it would work if there was a 1-2 stun aswell. The animation...
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    Re: Knives out reflect

    I also think it should reflect 100% of the migated incoming damage, + 100 straight damage (scaled with level)

    That way you can still quickly kill off a bunch of pesky greys that only do a few...
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    Re: Surprise strike trigger time changed

    I don't get it.

    Are you saying that it not fair because it is now just as easy to get a killing blow with just Surprise strike alone whereas before you used to have to follow up with Addle?
  7. Re: An idea for changes to Mischief Maker line.

    But CD and RW do stack without dimishing returns.

    One traited RW with give you 110%, two will give 120% 15 will give 250%

    One traited CD will give you +6% crit, two will give +12% 15 will give...
  8. Re: An idea for changes to Mischief Maker line.

    That maybe true but LM debuffs don't stack with other LM debuffs while the Burg's debuffs do.

    This way 15 burgs can get together and stack 15 RW and 15 CD together for 250% damage that Crits 100%...
  9. Re: Riddle from stealth change and other options

    I can't remember a time that I've wanted to Riddle from Stealth. It doesn't take long to stealth attack then "tab" then "riddle" then carry on with the fight
    Maybe due to the longer riddle induction...
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    Re: Awesome Riddle Changes - at risk?

    I agree, this change shouldn't be dismissed just because it doesn't make sence.

    I like the idea that as we get wiser we learn to riddle different types of creatures. It would take some time to...
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    Re: The Monday 2-Fer

    I first read to meaning you could not MISS or have Surprise strike blocked while in stealth. There was no mention of 100% "crit chance". Though it would be VERY nice if it did. Farming grey trash...
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    Re: Aim + WPS vs Aim + CA

    All bleeds will crit when used with AIM and if not there is the normal crit chance that they might.

    I did a quick check on some orcs a few levels lower

    CA with stealth and AIM = 364 +140*15...
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    Re: Aim + WPS vs Aim + CA

    CA only lasts for 20s for me (unless there is some legacy/ trait I haven't noticed yet)

    So that would knock the comparison down to 2700 for CA and 3200 for WPS.

    When I did some test a few...
  14. Re: How low level of bag would you suffer to have, as long as it has good legacies?

    I think with with bags, you can't expect to have everything you want in one bag anyway. You at least want a general use fighting bag and a swap out bag that is used in special occasions.

    I don't...
  15. Re: Hunters with herbalist skirmish soldiers..a question!

    I started off with a L13 Protector and changed over to a herbilist when I found out every one else had one plus he was akward and slow. The herbilist was quite a bit better, mainly for the power...
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    Re: Share the Fun

    Really? Its been a while since I last shared the fun but I had to stop every so often so that I didn't sneak out of their range? That's why its sometimes easier to /follow the escort (if they know...
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    Re: Share the Fun

    I've always thought it would be independant of what the burg has since they don't get our stealth speed either but I remember someone saying that their steath level was averaged between the two.
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    Re: Skirmish soldier?

    I surprised there are so few people using a warrior with their Burg. Does the AoE breaking mez cause that many problems. Cant you just mezz from a distince.

    I personally use an archer and will...
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    Re: Mischief Maker Changes

    There are some good ideas there but sometimes, for example, you might not want your AoE Counter defence for to overwrite your disable on a different mob.

    What if a skill like the legendary...
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    Re: Developer Read: Knives out update

    Unlocking it from TnG is great. Don't change that. But I've always thought of KO being an offensive skill at the expense of your defense. There should just enough mitigation to keep you alive over...
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    Re: how come I never see any burglars?

    Its because we are always sneaking right behind you. :p

    But seriously, when I was searching for other burgs on landroval to do some reveal weakness experiments. There were normally ~25% the...
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    Re: Need for more than one Burg?

    Becasue either.....

    1. All the extra non scaled fm's put less damage than normal attacks! (Greater noble sprit Fms excluded)


    2. All the other non burg are memorised by our insane...
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    Re: Caltrops

    Would be fun if marbles were AOE too. The larger the bag, the greater the number of targets. Though it could get confusing as to which target to go for. And the stun immunity might be a problem...
  24. Are there any secrets to getting Iron Garrison Gaurd rep quickly?

    I seems like I need about 85,000 rep point to get kindred with the gaurds. I'm half way through the moria quests and still have about 60,000 rep point to go.

    I do the training hall quest when ever...
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    Re: Hobbit stealth and stealth levels

    Basically, don't bother traiting hobbit stealth if you are a burg.

    Also, when you are sneaking past stuff you don't want to aggro, try to do it from their back side and as quickly as possible. In...
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