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    Update on Upgrade on wrong account

    After a phone call today, I was able to resolve the issue. It did require killing my F2P account but as it is just used for testing that was not a big loss. Thanks to Turbine for the curtious and...
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    F2P account has expansiona and VIP doesn't

    I had the same thing happen. I use the f2P account to just test out different classes and see if I want to play another character. I have a VIP account and it is a Lifetime account from the Beta...
  3. Suggestion for New Legendary System

    A new Legendary Item System: (Not sure if this has been suggested before)

    Everyone gets a new Legendary item as normal when they go to do the Quest for Moria. This will be the one they keep from...
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    Mac Chat Bug

    Besides the mouse changing view like they have listed above I have found that the chat window will not allow typing in the game. This is something that did happen consistently, but is one of those...
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    We are fine the way we are

    I have yet to have difficulty with anything in the game with a Captain. I could solo the Grand Stairs when I was level 65 in HoH and having a Herald Out. I have been able to stand toe-to-toe with...
  6. I would say try all the classes for a bit to decide

    I would say that trying all classes you have listed to 20 is a good choice but would not discount a Captain.

    I solo stuff all the time with my Captain and rarely die against anything. Now I...
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    I agree. I wouldn't worry about fate or will on...

    I agree. I wouldn't worry about fate or will on your captain. With Song Brother and Blade Brother later on we should have no problems maintaining power in a fight. When it an soloing my power really...
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    Soloing on Captain

    So far the soloing is getting fun with the Captain and I am now running through The School at Tham Mirdain at level 75 (All 3 bosses but can't put out books for the challenge). Have done several...
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    Re: Soloing better now?

    Soloing is much faster now with the way everything has changed with our heralds and banners. We kill faster and survive longer with better self heals and power regen at 72+. I this this is a great...
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    Re: Which sever do u recommend?

    Brandywine has the largest server population but I really like the Windfola server. Though our population is smaller we have many people playing from everywhere. Dawning Eclipse Kinship has a large...
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    Re: So...what to build for now?

    I have been able to balance my power a bit more on my Cappy but it is hard as you have to sacrifice some might to do so.

    Level 74 Captain (No Food Used)

    Morale 6469 (Around 8200 with Banner...
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    Re: Pulling my Cappy out of retirement

    Running HoH build I rarely have any power issues even with an extended fight. I have my herald out and use Shield Bother for the heals and then switch to song brother if power does become an issues....
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    Re: 70/75 Banners

    If you run LoM you can. I am pulling mobs to me off hunters in Strength Stance with that setup. The hunter shoots and they run to attack me...LOL!
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    Re: inspire (song brother/blade brother)

    You will find group power doing well with Song Brother in a group, Fellowship Brother (For lesser group effect) with a Banner of Victory, and being treated for Power return with Rally Cry from going...
  15. Re: Returning player. Help me choose a new class?

    You will love the Captain and find them very durable later in levels. They can be a little slow to level but they are great for their ability to make a fellowship better in DPS, Crits, Heals, etc......
  16. Re: At what level after 65 are you going to swap out your legendaries?

    I am still using my level 65 FA Sword and Emblem and will keep them to 75 as well (I am 69 right now after playing after work yesterday). I am still leveling and deconstructing the ones I find that...
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    Re: Lvl 65's in Bree Fields? Doing what?

    I sometimes go out there and hand out free level 12 and 16 weapons that I critted to people randomly along with some scrolls of Battle Lore. Just do it to help the starting crowd out when they are...
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    Re: How is LoM in RoI?

    Works well for my Captain who is level 69 right now. I am using Leader of Men setup and have a Herald archer with me when fighting. When soloing I can handle 6 level 71 mobs with no issues at once...
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    Re: Most needed class?

    I have to agree about the Captain as a good class that is needed. We are the man buff class, can heal groups if setup correctly (Heal 6 man runs as solo healer with my captain), good for off tanks...
  20. Re: Main Champ is an Armsman; vocation ideas for Captain alt?

    I went with a Historian for my Captain as I can craft Weapons (Even Legendary if in Weaponsmith Guild) (Armsman Only), Superior Repair Anvils, Potions (Morale, Power, Wound, Fear, Disease, and...
  21. Re: Starting over from scratch on level 75 third age weapons

    I doubt I will deconstruct my level 65 First Age two hand sword or my level 65 First Age emblem. When I find something better on DPS I will keep them as buffing weapons and emblems. I hate to destroy...
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    Re: companion

    Would that mean that the Captains and Lore Masters would get 2 pets to fight for them them?
    I can see me traveling through the land fighting with my Archer Herald and my Herbalist. Be like running...
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    Re: My first impressions

    LOTRO Country Ride

    From the gates of Thorin's Hall I started my ride across Middle Earth to find out how long the ride would
    take. I was on a Eriador Horse (+68% Speed and 250 Morale) which is...
  24. Re: LOTRO gradually becomes unplayable at higher lvl's... Its a fellowship thing.

    One thing that can help with getting groups is to not send blind invites to people. I have that happen a lot and I will never group with someone that does that. If you ask first you will get a better...
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    Re: HoH Capstone addition/New Trait:

    I love moving in and attacking while off healing. That is what makes the class interesting and I would not want to stand back and heal unless I have to due to group heals not keeping up. I can't see...
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