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    , I can run some skirms, the dol goldur ones and...

    , I can run some skirms, the dol goldur ones and siege of gondamon and the prancing pony as well, i get 3 to none black screens, and no crashing, i have being doing them in small fellowship and...
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    Lets keep our hopes up

    Just dont quit... Lets keep swarming them with tickets, and dont let the thread die... Force them to say something more than sapience wise words, try this and if doesnt work i wont say anything...
  3. Re: Captain Roundtable: How would you rework the Leader of Men Trait line?

    Good post bro... but...

    1. Your suggestions seem to OP for me... Those advantages will make a group with a cappy neraly invecible in must dungeons...

    2. Leader of men makes the tank, dps and...
  4. Re: What are the best stats for a hunter and in what order?

    Vitality also increase your common mitigation... And thats kind of big... I will say Vitality is the second must important stat...

    It will be imho that agility first, decent morale pool second...
  5. Re: Do captains have to heal in three man instances?

    I agree, some dungeons like warg pens, sword halls hard mode, SG (with decent tank), are way better in LoM for me... With a high power pool, inspire rules imho...

    But some other place, omg rely in...
  6. Re: Do captains have to heal in three man instances?

    Not necesary... But, but, captains doesnt that much to heal a 3 man, if you are at least an average player... and if you are a decent one is the best healer to bring alone, more dps, and the tank...
  7. Re: Are there any 3 man instances that don't require a tank/heavy+healer?

    the holy trinity, tank dps and heals... yes, all 3 man is basically a combination of that, but some can be done without that, but not all, dont tell me you can do HoM or Stoneheight without heals,...
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    Re: Dead instantly in Angmar

    Get a hunter to port you to East Angmar (Garyh Fortnir), and open the routes in there and the one south in Gabilzatur and forget about the boring books...

    Consigue un Hunter que te portee al otro...
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    Re: Bilingual players of LOTRO

    My brother, a nephew, a friend and me from ecuador... English and Spanish...
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    Re: How do you rate Captain gear?

    I always keep my fate and will cap... No matter which line I am doing... I never play my cappy solo, that why I have this advatage of not having a might/agi build...

    I hope I dont have to explain...
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    Re: Level 70 Captain skills suggestion

    1. Captain dps is ????, always will be ????, even traited, and in groups, and specially in groups, captains rarely should be dpsing, off healing and keeping strength of will in the tank and to arms...
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    Re: Place your egos here...

    1. Sometimes that stealth goblins ruin that.
    2. Sometimes someone ruins that.

    And third, and the must important reason, WHY SKIP SUCH A WONDERFUL PULL THAT IS SO AWESOME TO TANK, DPS AND HEAL...
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    Re: WTB Symbol of the Elder King-400G

    There are not a lot of things to spend gold... If you got 400 g siting around... why not? even if you are not raiding...
    On another note, I dont own a 65 first age yet, but I heard the diference is...
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    Re: Place your egos here...

    You cant be call a captain if you dont heal ncf, captain are capable of healing things way harder... I can ncf easier in my captain that in my minstrel actually...

    Stoneheight of course is a...
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    Re: Man or Hobbit for Burglar

    Burglars should be a hobbit exclusive class, as the Lore-master should be an elf exclusive class imho...

    They put men in both classes as they where afraid that no one will choose men, having 3...
  16. Re: Cloak of Shadow and Flame now trivial to get, what cloak are you using?

    FATE is the biggest stat on my cappy, not for the imcr, I almos never get hit, but for those healing crits... Helps me off heal way better, cuz the melee heals are good for 3 men, but totally...
  17. Re: Cloak of Shadow and Flame now trivial to get, what cloak are you using?

    I am using the one of 75 fate, Cloak of the Raven or something like that, drops from Sari Suma tier 2... It has less morale than Saelchol (I am going to miss Saelchol :( ) but it lets me switch one...
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    Re: Healers that have to heal

    A train monkey can heal in an rk, thats why you see more better ones in that class...

    Max attunement means no interrupt and a power regeneration skill, if they have a competent tank, they can be...
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    Re: Festival Letters From Your Secret Admirer

    + rep... You made my day with this, I almost fell off my chain laughing in the office...
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    Re: Most skills from 58+ borring and not very good

    I bore to death playing my cappy solo, but in a fellowship I cant get enough of him, there is always something to do...

    New heals, idk man... Cappy can heal any 3 man, and a lot of 6 mans, and...
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    AoE Banner effects back

    If the Chorus of Restoration of Minstrel works as an aoe bomb, that people doenst have to be in the same fellowship to receive the effects, why the banner effects do not work the same!!!

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    Re: Healers that have to heal

    Healers and Runekeepers of Windfola, you got his name, dont heal him anymore...
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    Re: AoE Banner Effects?

    We should start a thread demanding that is back... If the banner is drop, it should have an aoe effect, why only the people only in your fellowship gets the effect... The banner is there, it inspire...
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    Re: Extending The Shire

    You cant tell people how to enoy or even how to play the game...
    If they want to spend their time in middle earth, fishing, and running around clearing the borders of the shire killing wolves, thats...
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    Re: Extending The Shire

    They can level to level 25+ and go help in Oatbarton, I heard they have problem with the Sicke Flies, and Dwalin, there is the rumour that it has being overun by Brigands...

    I also heard that in...
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