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    Game decline??

    Is it my imagination or does it seem the game is declining more and more. When ftp came out there was a large surge in players, new servers etc. It seems like many people that are on my friends...
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    Estaldin daily quests?

    Is there a pre-requisite for the 6 daily quests that the dwarf in Estaldin gives out? The ones that are the level 60 ones. I tried to have a 53 hunter friend come with me but he could not get the...
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    Ultimate 65 second age belt build question

    So as a guard, what would you personally look for in legacies for your belt? If you could name 5 things you would consider totally essential legacies in a belt what would they be?

    I would have to...
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    Gaurds and jewlery question

    I have been hearing a ton of pros and cons with two other people I know regarding the level 60-65 jewelry for guardians. So pound for pound what do you guys think is the overall top end jewelry for...
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    Re: The LoTro Economy is Over-Regulated

    It is my opinion that they are trying to regulate any and all gold and currency transactions in game. This might sound crazy but is true, I was at a friends house and we were all playing via a LAN...
  6. Re: A few questions and thoughts about ore, crafting, and trading

    A little tip for new players would be to sell any excess ore in the auction hall, might as well make a little coin in the process.
  7. Can you guys keep the pax prices / packages? and a VIP price plan?

    I would love to see the PAX price packages of 50 and 100 dollars be a fulltime addition to the lotro store. I have to admit that the $100.00 for 16,000?? lotro points was a far better deal than...
  8. Re: Character Race/Gender changes as a Premium Service

    / signed.

    I would like to see this as an option as well.
  9. Re: Allow crafting in kin house / house / neighborhoods.

    You guys want it to make a real difference? Simply put people need to start calling the company. Also a thousand trouble tickets a day for a few months might get their attention. Sometimes ya just...
  10. Allow crafting in kin house / house / neighborhoods.

    Why not have the ability to buy superior ovens, forges, work benches etc for your kin house or personal house? Perhaps even place them in the neighborhoods themselves.
  11. Re: Ultra fast leveling.. how do people do it? I seen people go to 60+ in a week.

    You can always go back and do deeds when everything is grey to you. Not to mention just by doing the quests you will probably get a handful of deeds out of the way as you race to 65. Besides, lets...
  12. Ultra fast leveling.. how do people do it? I seen people go to 60+ in a week.

    So this begs to be asked, how do people go from 1-65 in like 1-2 weeks of time? Is there some special formula? Hit certain zones and avoid certain quests? Can anyone shed some light on this?

  13. A question about virtues, after i read posts i did not see this ??

    So when push comes to shove, what are the three virtues you (as a guardian) would always use?

    Also I am close to level 50 and about to do MoM with my guardian tank. What higher level / end game...
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    Re: Awakened recruiting

    Over the past few weeks we have really started to grow in game. We are still recruiting but there are some updates to our guild.

    1. Must be level 30+ except on your alts or have a high level...
  15. Thread: Housing FAQ

    by DreadSith

    Sticky: Re: Housing FAQ

    Would you get a refund though on the house you are abandoning? Say you eventually want to leave your normal house and get a deluxe one, would you get the amount you paid for your normal house back...
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    Re: Am i the only one who does this?

    Hmm what are these "Plugins" I have heard about?

    PS: Thanks for the replies.
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    Re: How is the community here?

    You run into some good people and some people who you want to ignore. Same deal as every MMO. Wishing you a good experience on the delf.
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    Awakened recruiting


    We are a Dedicated, friendly and mature group of players. We have plans of becoming a strong end game kinship with focus on raids at least once a week and doing things as a group. ...
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    Am i the only one who does this?

    Ok, so am I one of the few who does not take advantage of key mapping, much less the g-15 sitting in front of me? For some odd reason I cannot fathom I simple use the mouse to move and click the...
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    Re: Some Helpful Links

    Cool, thanks for this.
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    Re: MMO veterans take on this game..

    Thanks for the replies, and to answer some of your questions....

    1. Only level 29 on my highest character, but I am juggling 6 of them around.

    2. I gave the game an 8 out of 10 because I...
  22. Thread: Mount speed

    by DreadSith

    Re: Mount speed

    I have to admit it would be cool to be able to get a "Very fast" mount and be able to actually keep it. Maybe for higher level characters who complete a quest chain? Also having the ability to pimp...
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    Re: Minstrel Medium Armor Use

    Are you high enough level to wear the item? Some items have pre-requisites such as level or class or race or even a stat such as Might.
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    MMO veterans take on this game..

    I have played many an MMO in my life, starting with old MUDS (multi user dungeons) back in the DOS days. I played the original Everquest, guild wars, star trek online (sucked) and tried WoW but did...
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    Crafting overhaul

    Why not be able to pick any 3 crafting skills when you start a character? For example: Jeweler, Scholar, Farmer. Why bother with the pre-made crafting? All that does is make people want to have 5...
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