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  1. Re: Stuck after "Enter Middle-earth" - no black screen

    ah, well i discovered if i do leave it long enough it will load, but not to any playable state, i recently moved too and i suspect its a problem with the nat gateway at my new place, so i'm going to...
  2. Re: Stuck after "Enter Middle-earth" - no black screen

    ah... sorry i've identified this as an issue with my internet connection in general.
  3. Stuck after "Enter Middle-earth" - no black screen

    Ok, i finally decided i should make a new thread about this. After the new update i am unable to play LOTRO, everything is fine, completely fine until i hit the enter middle-earth button on the...
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    Re: Neverending Load Screen

    i'm having the same problem, it doesn't appear to be a firewall issue, because it happens even if i turn the my firewall off completely. No black screen, everything is fine till i select a character...
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    Re: Stuck at log in? HERE'S THE FIX

    This hasn't helped me in the slightest... of course, i never had a black character selection screen. hmm
  6. Re: Since update cannot access gameplay, please help!

    same issue here, I thought it was the net at my new place... Good to know others are having similar issues. I'm on 64 bit windows too. Everything is fine till the loading screen opens after...
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    Re: Australian players?

    nah we're pretty much all over... i'm sure there's quite a few of us.

    The Harvestmath festival does feel a little odd though... :p Spring is in the air, after all... :)
  8. Re: Clear indication of whether Store items impact one character or all

    i know its been asked heaps thats why i think it should be added in game. Yes your way works but it would be more user friendly the other way... And after all, people will be spending real money,...
  9. Clear indication of whether Store items impact one character or all

    Basically just so people can clearly see "if i buy a trait slot (or whatever) it applies to one character, all characters on one server, all characters i have currently... etc

    It is indicated for...
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