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  1. I filled out my request on 8/11 and am soooo...

    I filled out my request on 8/11 and am soooo excited to be able to play my cappy on a server where group content is actually being ran, like all the time!!!!!!!
    Hoping all goes well and he is...
  2. How has everyones server transfer requset been so far?

    Curious if people are starting to see there characters moved yet? Or if anyone isvhaving issues where they cant be moved. Wondering what would constitute certain toons being unable to transfer.
  3. Looking For a mod to track Party buffs with timers

    Specifically as a LM I am on the look out for a mod that would give me a numeric visual of how much time is left on my stun interrupts buffs on fellow party members
  4. Fellow Lore-masters!!! Help me build the Great SI thread!

    Hello fellow masters of Lore!
    After all my years playing Lotro (founder/lifer), I have finally took a LM to max level and having a blast so far.
    So to further my knowledge and in hopes of becoming...
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    Any info on Transfers comming back?

    Was just thinking that maybe it will kinda come following the forums revamp, maybe next on the list?
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