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  1. Re: Book 7, Chapter 8 - Gates of Carn Dum - soloed at lvl 45

    EDIT: Sorry, had to change what I said. I just realized that Mordirith is level 52. I could have sworn this was a level 45-ish quest to begin with.
  2. Re: Looking for a kin who raid Eastern / central times.

    Hi Thori,

    We at Middle Earth Warriors have our raid times at 9pm Eastern Time during weekdays and weekends. Please check out our website for more information. If you have any further questions,...
  3. Re: Having trouble with soloing Halls of Night level 40 on various classes

    ARGH, I wrote out this long, detailed account of how I've tried and failed doing this instance on each of my toons and I got logged out :( Anyway...

    To answer someone's question, I haven't tried...
  4. Having trouble with soloing Halls of Night level 40 on various classes

    I've tried soloing Halls of Night level 40, T1 on several toons: 65 hunter, 65 champ, 65 minstrel, and 61 LM. So far I have not been successful in completing the instance solo on any of these toons....
  5. Re: Any Raiding kin on a server open to Xfer have need of a CHP.

    Many raiding kins require aspiring members to apply to them and don't send invites to a random stranger they see in the forums. Instead, I recommend that you do some research on the various servers....
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    Re: Sticky Gourd Expectations O.o

    Last night I turned 60 and finally got sticky gourd. I finished 2.6.8 a few days ago so I immediately slotted Improved Sticky Gourd when the third legendary slot opened up.

    I've been having a...
  7. Re: Veteran group of players looking for an active kin.

    Wow, I'm surprised someone remembers my champ! ^_^

    But yeah to answer your question, she's in semi-retirement for the moment. We have so many other, better champs we take in raids anyways. I've...
  8. Re: Veteran group of players looking for an active kin.

    Hello Eryndar,

    If you have any questions for MeW feel free to send me a tell :) You can find me on the following toons:

    Porkrinds (minstrel)
    Namie (hunter)
    Ephilia (burg)
    Leilanna (captain)...
  9. When sports and Lord of the Rings collide

    Looks like one of the sports editors at the New York Times is a Tolkien lore expert :)

  10. Re: Veteran group of players looking for an active kin.

    Hello Eryndar,

    Middle Earth Warriors is always looking for new, active players to join our ranks and have fun.

    For more information please visit our website at...
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    Re: Middle Earth Warriors

    *ahem* BUMP!!! :)
  12. Interview with Adam Mersky and Aaron Campbell on 4 years working on LOTRO


    Interesting stuff. And what's that? A scalable 24-man dragon raid in Rise of...
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    Re: BG Questions!

    Based on your questions, I'm guessing you've never been to any raid before. I don't mean to sound critical or negative but BG is currently the hardest raid in the game. If you're going in with a lot...
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    Re: Best looting system for PUGs?

    In a PuG, roll/pass is fine for loot from trash mobs, but if you're running an instance that drops a chest at the end or has a boss that drops something really nice, I suggest you change the rules to...
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    Re: Kinship advise (not a recruiting thread)

    You spend your own money and free time playing the game, so you have every right to follow your own play style. If your play style doesn't match with that of your current kin then it's time to move...
  16. Thread: ettenmoors

    by Kaonashi76

    Re: ettenmoors

    You also need to be at least level 40 to get in the Ettenmoors. However, considering that all creeps are level 65, it may be best if you waited a bit to enter if you're not 65 yet :)
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    Re: Middle Earth Warriors

    All right, bump time and a refresher on who we are!

    The Middle Earth Warriors, an end game content Kinship, is looking to add to our ranks. We actively raid 4 to 5 nights per week, and clear BG...
  18. Re: Hints for new and low level players for instances and raids!

    I'd like to add two little pieces of advice.

    1. Having a healer DOES NOT mean that your group is invincible and you can do foolish things. I still recall a Goblin Town run I did in which this...
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    Re: When did you find gear really important?

    I think to me the defining moment was over three years ago when I was about level 46 on my minnie. Some kinmates (from my old kin) invited me to do CD, which was to be my first time in there. I was...
  20. Re: BUG: Book 5 Chapter 8 Fire and Ice: Cannot activate Obelisks

    Ok first of all, just to be clear -- did you go to the correct rooms that contained the obelisks?

    Also, the obelisks don't glow. You go up to them and click on it. Make sure that the little "hand"...
  21. Re: Why are Final Boss raid trophies not 100% drop rate?

    I agree that drop rates should be increased a bit, I disagree on a 100% drop. Back in the day we ran the Watcher so much that we reached a point that we would give the trophy to someone as a gag gift...
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    Re: Citizens of Middle Earth!

    Incidentally, I just reread all the past Arkenstone Observer issues. Ah, the memories :D
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    Re: Citizens of Middle Earth!

    Swifty! I was so happy to see your name in GLFF today! We've missed ya and your Arkenstone Observers. :D

    Suddenly, Middle-earth got just a lot friendlier and warmer.
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    Re: Quickest 20-man raid wipe

    I can only imagine the looks on the faces of the people hanging around the 21st when out of nowhere 20 people and their mounts rained from the sky and plunged to their deaths. :D
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    Re: I'm no expert at alliteration...

    Perhaps Turbine doesn't want to be sued by Penny Arcade?
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